Exclusive Interview | Marcello & Richard of Caught In Action

I dubbed the remarkable debut `Devil’s Tango’ of Swedish Caught In Action “overwhelming”, which was no less than an understatement proven since. The record is in frequent rotation since, and its key ingredients kept growing over time. Strong musical marksmanship combined with an excellent ear for nesting melodies and gigantic hooks pull their songs forward. The groove and dynamics are strong and powerful, with bass and drummer Mats Elofsson crafting the perfect foundation for the songs to flourish. Topping it off are wonderful guitar melodies and licks with intricate harmonies and wonderful soloing from guitarist Richard Jönssons.

Over all this musical greatness singer Marcello belts his excellent and versatile vocals, breathing passion and life into the songs. His wide range and perfect pitch inject the songs with character and the needed radiance. Powerful and roaring, soaring melodic when needed, he transcends the songs. 

`Devil’s Tango’ is packed with a wide range of melodic songs switching between classic Deep Purple toned raw classic rock songs packed with organic toned organs and Hammond tones, fist raising 80s melodic rock anthems with arena grandeur, and slick melodic tunes that border with Signal and King Kobra’s finest creations. It nests on the spot while it keeps the listener drawn, much like House of Lords remarkable debut. 


Header photo taken from Caught In Action Facebook