Exclusive Interview | Prehistoric Animals

On September 30th, 2020, Swedish progressive/alternative rock band PreHistoric Animals released their first concept album `The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter 1)’. About a year later, March 24, 2022, the second chapter of `The Magical Mystery Machine’ was released. The storyline of both albums is based on Cora and Jareths diary, written somewhere, sometime in a world not far from here. Cora is given the mission to collect humanities good and bad sides, but at one point they realize that they are part of a universal plot. Both albums are covered with beautiful and colourful artwork, made by Richard Dearing, creating a modern Science Fiction atmosphere.

The origin of PreHistoric Animals actually goes back to the year 2018, when Samuel Granath [drums and keyboards] and Stefan Altzar [guitars, vocals, keyboards] came up with the first album `Consider It A Work of Art’. Live shows seemed to be a natural follow-up and that’s when guitarist Daniel Magdic and bassist Noah Magnusson joined the band, taking PreHistoric Animals to a whole new level. 

Last week I got the opportunity to meet the former Pain of Salvation guitarist Daniel Magdic and I asked him how things are going for PreHistoric Animals at the moment. Daniel tells me with a big smile that that they have been working on a new studio album lately and they have come pretty far in the process of writing and recording. READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE