SUNBOMB-Evil And Divine

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In the bio it says: “Sunbomb is a highly anticipated new musical alliance between two steadfast warriors of the U.S. hard rock/metal scene, Tracii Guns and Michael Sweet.”; sounds good, right? As a matter of fact, I always liked Stryper and Michael Sweet’s solo album ‘Ten’ (2019) was a rather good album as well; but I am sorry to say that I am actually not a real LA Guns fan…

So, `Evil And Divine’ kicks off with a high-pitched scream from Sweet, followed by a well-known mid-tempo guitar riff and this opener called ,,Life” has a rather heavy sound. Sweet comes up with a couple of more high-pitched screams on this album and as a matter of fact they really annoy me as they sound tedious and old-fashioned, meaning not metal/hard rock 2021!! The music on this album isa mix of Trouble and a kind of heavier LA Guns and Stryper, just check out songs like ,,Better End” or ,,No Tomorrows” and you will definitely hear that! I am sorry to say that to me the whole album sounds a bit too predictable, especially the lyrics, and the guitar riffs and hooks sound like throw away riffs [so, not used riffs/hooks] from old Stryper and LA Guns song material…. Sunbomb is heavy metal pure, but originality is not a word that is familiar to Tracii Guns and therefore the album tends to become utterly boring after two spins: sad but true.

‘Evil And Divine’ is an album that will not stand the test of time, I am afraid, indeed not my cup of tea!



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