Interview | Ashley Wolfe – Guitarist & Singer of Blind Man’s Daughter

,,I must produce music NOW!''

The album `Sundressed’ channelled emotions predominantly before it discharged its progressive quirkiness and musical finesses. Blind Man’s Daughter landed an interesting collection of refreshing progressive rock songs that touched with the heaviest of metal, the heaviest of rock and pop, as well as the most luxurious jazz structures. This variety is far from contemporary, widening the musical horizon of many listeners. Not shying away from experimental outings, the band around bass player ReVv and main songwriter Ashley Wolfe only one full album in, is rediscovering their own uniqueness with the brand new single ,,Close Enough to Whisper”. Touching the ambient waves channelling deep emotions into the inner self, Wolfe displays a unique skill: bringing the music directly into the heart and mind of its listener. Time to light the candles, pour a good single malt, and listen to this talented and radiant personality….


First, thank you for taking time to answer our questions. Though I planned this interview upon the release of `Sundressed’, I am glad I waited for this opportunity as there is so much to be answered now. Let’s start with a brief introduction of Blind Man’s Daughter, especially this rather peculiar band name?

,,A band name needs to be special to the person who creates it, it represents the ideal. It needs to be unique.’’   

Where does the name hail from, I hope it is not a reference to your father?

,,No, no, my dad is not blind. The name comes from a Korean parable that resonates with me. It tells the story of Shimchung, who loved her blind father so much that she was willing to sacrifice all for him. I love the delicate Eastern images – the lotus blossom in particular. The story speaks to great sacrifice for those we love is worth it in the end. It moved me.”  


Obviously, this reveals Wolfe as a ‘different’ musician and creator, expanding views and ideology. This approach radiates in her music as well as in its lyrical content. Touching deeper than average, Ashley and Blind Man’s Daughter omit a hard to define resonance, starting with their shaking debut `Sundressed’. With the release of the brand-new video single ,,Close Enough to Whisper”, the charismatic performer displays varying styles embedded in her music. Not shying away from experiments, the benchmark prog sound remains present, while drifting in various directions. This variety also marks the debut. 

`Sundressed’ was recorded with Dan Grosse on guitars and Brock Christian on drums. The only remaining (mentioned) musician aside Ashley presently is bass player ReVv. Where did everyone go, or where they studio musicians for the project?

,,Just me in the band. Dan and Brock were not part of the writing or recording of `Sundressed’. The album was recorded in the studio by me and a friend of mine, Max. I brought Dan and Brock on to try and perform a live version of the album. Sadly, they decided to pursue other things and are no longer a part of the project. I wish them well, though. They are both fantastic people and outstanding musicians. Going forward I am the only member and only permanent musician in the band.”

So, Blind Man’s Daughter is not only your brainchild, it is you?!

,,BMD is a project, since it is just me, calling BMD a band is a bit of a stretch. I write, record, play guitar and program everything. ReVv is a good friend of mine and will play bass on a few songs on this year’s album release. So far, he is playing bass on the songs called ,,Reasonable Dreams” and the very heavy tune ,,Nephilim”.”

Blind Man’s Daughter inevitably is your outlet musically and lyrically, correct?  

,,Yes, that is correct. BMD has been my creative outlet for many years.”

How much do others contribute while recording?

,,Max and I worked on the music for `Sundressed’ together. I write all the lyrics for every release. For the follow up album called `Silence in the Forgotten Light’ I am writing everything, both music and lyrics.”


Going deeper into the matter, the conversation brings us closer to the slamming debut with Ashley going deeper into the root of the album’s deep channelling emotions. Crafted to their emotive state, the songs and lyrics convey finely grained spiritual messaging in its musical frequencies, making `Sundressed’ a standalone force binding grace and sheer power. Heavy as hell, ambient as life.

The debut is the depiction of your adventure in self-discovery. Can you comment on what brought such deep feelings and emotions about?

,,The last few years have been challenging. In 2020 there was Covid for the world and for me. In addition to Covid, I broke my neck, fractured my skull, had to relearn to walk again. I Came very close to losing my life. I lost the hearing in my right ear as a result of the accident. 2 years later I accidentally cut off 1/3 of my ring finger on my fretting hand. 

Both of these events have had a profound effect on me. I had to relearn playing guitar without a ring finger. This three-fingered style makes my music different than other players. Not being able to hear in stereo has also changed me. These events have given me a drive to produce unlike ever before. Also, I am so very grateful to be here and to be able to sing and play guitar. 

In the end, being so physically vulnerable has allowed me to tap into this emotional vulnerability like never before. I feel urgent. I must produce music NOW. You never know if today is your last day, if today could be your last chance. Never waste a second. Life, it is not easy for anyone is it?”


It is impressive how Wolfe managed to turn things around with her positive mindset, and embrace life to the fullest. Her productivity increased; Ashley clearly took lessons to heart with `Sundressed’ traversing her emotive ride in self-discovery. Leaving the past behind, Wolfe set on a course to explore boundaries and not waste time. Her inspiring persona radiates creativity and grace. Both equally deeply rooted in her music, exploring the widest horizons coinciding with the emotive state of her intricate progressive music. ,,Mirage Harmer” for instance, carries across the shattering of an image. Enlighten us?

,,We all live with the often-false ideas of how we perceive the world. And in that living much of the time we are convinced that our perception is the correct perception. Convinced that we are right. That is not true though, is it? There are many perceptions, and all have value, we just need to see. Sometimes that openness of vision of very hard to find. ,,Mirage Harmer” symbolizes a person who shatters the illusion we hold and creates a new, sometimes vulnerable and painful process, though that process may be, but ultimately once the mirage is harmed, we are in a better reality. Yes?”


She summarizes the state of being this present day. People awakening to new ideologies and reality. Vast amounts of civilization are going through changes, exploring their new viewpoints gained from the past pandemic. Everyone is experiencing change, many embrace life differently. ,,Days Fall” reveals deep emotions and binds with the listener instantly. Can you tell us why this one grips on such a deep level?

,,It is about the fragility of life and how fast it goes by. I poured my emotions over the challenges I mentioned above into this one. In my voice I think this can be heard, and though the lyrics are quite simple, they speak of the great vulnerability I have learned to embrace. It speaks to me; I am glad you feel it too.”

It is impossible to deny. As mentioned above, Wolfe captures the meaning of life, carrying across cinematic imagery and spiritual vibrations underneath the gripping musical soundscape. I’m gripped by the album since its maiden spin and wonder how she brings the heavy-hearted content to life with such spot-on performances. How do you channel your emotions and make them gel both musically and lyrically?

,,Tough question…… Be vulnerable. Take risks. Hold nothing back in the words or music. I tend to write far more than is needed for a song. The words and music pour out of me in. Then I eliminate what does not work.”

And then there is ,,Close enough to Whisper”….



The brand-new song is another example of Wolfe explorative passion for music. She blends styles to convey an ethereal linger, a whisper. A song that differentiates from the debut album… It is quite the rift from the album, without feeling astray. Please tell us more.

,,As I said, take risks. I feel. It does not matter that it is different, this is what I felt. I took a risk again. I’m combining styles. I have no idea what to even call the genre. It is trap, hip hop, pop, progressive, fusion, I have not heard anything quite like it. Trap with smooth vocals and progressive fusion guitar. Dunno what that is, but I liked it…..”

What does bring you close enough to for that whisper?

,,I am not sure. Interesting question, I don’t have a good answer.”

Not only the song’s composition is a work of art, also the artwork accompanying the video release. The artwork also reveals a duality of your persona, correct?

,,Another interesting insight. I did not choose it for that reason, but now that you mention it; yes, it can be interpreted to represent the many facets of my personality.”

All of your music is accompanied by wonderful unique art. Do you create this yourself?

,,I create quite a bit of it, yes. But not all, I like to have other people involved, other minds. An artist in Hungary called Holo Dreamz did a lot of the art for `Sundressed’. Another artist in England named Barnaby Oakley did the art for `Saeancer’. Disturbing Grace Designs created the art for the new song ,,Close Enough to Whisper”.”


On multiple accounts I connected with the vibe before the music drew me closer. Is that intentional?

,,No, not intentional. I just create. Try to make those creations engaging for me and hope that others feel that engagement too. I am glad you connected with the vibe which led you to the music.  Whatever brings people in is a good thing. I like to create. Art, music, both are enjoyable.” 

Weighing in on this resonance my own musical journey leads me to paths unexpected. The ‘Growth Rings’ documentary by the late Neil Peart (Rush) made me look back onto my exploration of music with different views. How we connect to songs by vibrance and resonance, often bound to a specific moment and time, making songs and music land on a deep level engraining in your DNA. Resonance and energy are the alternate a discharge of emotions and frequencies; The Shumann resonance of the earth as an example, music resonates at a channelling level and making people connect. This resonance is what I predominantly feel present on the album. 

,,I am glad the music resonates with you. I am not sure intentional is the way I would put it. I create from a deep place in me and hope that it connects with others. That connection is special.”

The duality in the artwork and all song titles ooze a certain vibe I labelled ambient and new age…

,,I feel like if it speaks to you and it feels ambient and new age that is perfect. I always find it very interesting what people feel and perceive in my music. It is often quite different than what I felt about it and that difference is fascinating and wonderful.”

But…Does it make sense?

 ,,Yes, it does.”


Are you spiritual?

,,I am Buddhist.”

I personally believe in the vibration of music binding us with specific moment in life and events. The resonance of waves that connects as well as it connects likeminded people. What is your viewpoint on this?

,,Music can certainly be a powerful reminder of a place and a time.”

What may we expect of BMD in the near future? ,,Close enough…” as the introduction to the new music, will the album follow that path? Will it be an interlacing of `Sundressed’ and the new single, or will it stray even further?

,,The music will evolve, just like I do. Trying to keep it the same as `Sundressed’ is not what I want to do as an artist. ,,Close Enough…” is different than the next single ,,Liquid”, which is different than the one after that; ,,Innocent”. There will be a heavy one on the album though…….”

Anything you want to add?

,,Just that I very much appreciate everyone who is listening to my music. I am very grateful. Thank you.”

All photos provided by Ashley Wolfe/Blind Man’s Daughter




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