Video | Online interview with Guitarist Robin Ferguson

Solo artist from South Africa

Robyn Ferguson is an independent female guitarist & shredder and solo artist, based in South Africa (Kaapstad) and who recently impressed HeadBangers LifeStyle after hearing her new 6-track EP `Falling Forward’ [read the review here].
Her guitar skills are amazing and she has a great talent for songwriting. 
Some of you might know Robyn already from the all female band Sistas of Metal or the thrash metal band Adorned In Ash or maybe you already spotted her debut solo EP `Alizarin’, that was released in April 2019.

Either way this lady had figured it all out at the young age of 12 by stating: I WAS BORN TO DO THIS!

HeadBangers LifeStyle’s Liselotte `Lilo’ Hegt did a Lockdown Encounter video with the very kind and passionate Robyn and talked with her about her passion for music, her guitar guitar skills, the new EP `Falling Forward’, the challenges of being a musician, Ibanez guitars and Robyn even played a little tune for you.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride…

Robyn Ferguson official Website here
Robyn Ferguson Facebook Page here

You can also follow Robyn on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.

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