Report | Magic O Metal Live Experience – Grescollege-Reuver [NL]

17 September 2022

On Saturday, September 17 the first edition of the Magic O Metal Live Experience took place. The doors for this event opened at 12.30pm. And a magical metal live experience it was with ‘Metal’-Music, Lifestyle, Comics & Art, Workshops, Networking and a live performance by Phantom Elite.


First of all I have to say that the location, the Grescollege, is absolutely stunning. This school is housed in an old clay factory, this in combination with the beautiful decoration, which has been done by the organization, certainly contributes to the total experience. The atmosphere is friendly, cozy and casual. Visitors can get acquainted with the world of Magic O Metal in an accessible way, or perhaps better said, with all facets that have anything to do with music and/or the accompanying lifestyle. It’s a way of life!!


In any case, we can call the visitors of the event very varied. Young and old managed to find their way to the small town of Reuver this day. The new generation of Metal lovers has arrived. During the workshops, I see a nice mix of young and old. The little ones among the visitors could have themselves transformed with Make-up. For the older visitors there were delicious drinks at the bar [also coffee and tea], while enjoying the music provided by DJ Sjerruf and DJ Marcel.

DJ Sjerruf and DJ Marcel

For the up-and-coming musicians among us there were drum, guitar, keyboards, singing workshops. The business side of the music was discussed and a stunning session of music therapy was also given. There was even an open stage, for the ones who wanted to jam and have perhaps their first real live experience.

MOM guitarist Thijmen van der Meer
Open stage
Stan Berghs


What about the ‘board’games, comics, film & video workshops? Also the educational aspect is not forgotten with the launch of the brand new Magic O Metal guitar book. Not only a textbook with chords, but simply an experience in itself.

Dungeons & Dragons
Rick Vechel – Workshop Games
Menno Kappen – Workshop Band Aid
Ronja Gildenlov – Workshop Music Therapy

If all this isn’t enough the brand new Magic O Metal song ,,Imagine’’, with accompanying clip, is revealed. All the musicians who contributed to this song were put in the spotlight on stage by one of the initiators, Sander Gommans.

Sander Gommans


I think we can speak for a more than successful event for all visitors. And then there is also a performance by Phantom Elite at the end. Who have a set of metal blasting out of the speakers, with their latest record `Titanium‘ as their main focus. Singer Marina La Torraca, Guitarist Max van Esch and Drummer Joeri Warmerdam finished the day full of metal in a convincing way. In a setting that most metal bands are not used to, a nicely decorated school auditorium.

Marina La Torraca
Max van Esch
Joeri Warmerdam

This first Magic O Metal Live Experience was a success and I hope it will become an annual event. Chapeau for the wonderful day and organization that was taken care of down to the last detail.


A successful day, not in the least due to the great contribution of the the people who gave the workshops. Thanks Buddy Jonkers, Daniel Huijben, Dinish van den Berg, Emmelie Herwegh, Eva Brunklaus, Isabel Restrepo, Jeffrey Revet, Koen Herfst, Menno Kappe, Monica Janssen, Rick Veghel, Ronja Gildenlöv, Scott Wemakers, Simone van Straten, Astrid Kah, Bart Keltjens, Ingeborg Steenhorst, Joey Wojcik, Lukk Meeuwissen, Luuk Mennen, Stan Berghs, Tom Pijnenburg.  

Koen Herfst – Workshop Drums

All photos by Raymond Helebrand



Musicians from our world embark on an adventure with magical creatures from The Metal Dimension, a world where fantasy becomes reality. There is a passion that all our heroes share: METAL!






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