Live | Kissin’ Dynamite – Dynazty – Formosa Biebob – Vosselaar [BE]

19 March 2023

Last Sunday, after a long time, it was time again to drive to the legendary Biebob Club in Vosselaar [BE]. Of course I know this location as THE place where I saw bands like ao. Tyketto, Savatage, Steelheart, Gotthard or Thunder several times in the past. From here, the basis for one of the largest and most famous Hard and Heavy festivals in Belgium was created: Graspop Metal Meeting.

Tonight the last gig of the Double headliner tour of Kissin’ Dynamite and Dynazty is on the program. A nice package that also included Formosa as support act. Since the Biebob turns out to be slightly smaller than the average venue visited on this tour, we get to see a small club show and the stage remains very basic tonight, without extensive stage decoration and risers.



As a warm-up on this tour, we are dealing with Formosa from Germany. Despite the enthusiasm with which the band is rocking on stage, unfortunately they can’t really make a big impression on me. As far as I’m concerned, this foursome played a good set of music, but for me something was missing that makes it stand out to me. However, I do think that the band has been able to do good business in Vosselaar, since the hall was already quite full and the light and sound were more than above average.



After a short change over, Swedish Dynazty take the stage. Their mix of melodic/power metal makes a much better impression on me and especially the vocals of singer Nils Molin can caress my ears. Their set list consists of a nice mix of songs from their last 4 albums. ,,Power Of Will’’ opens the set strongly and the rest of the songs continue this trend. When guitarist Mike Lavér has suddenly left the stage, the rest of the band looks around a bit confused, but luckily he quickly re-enters the stage and the next song can start. We will probably never know why he briefly disappeared from the stage, but that is only a small detail. In any case, these gentlemen know how to put down a strong set of music.


What I can’t place, however, is that somewhere halfway through the set an instrumental version of Deep Purple ,,Highway Star’’ is suddenly played, nor Georg Härnsten Egg’s drum solo can make an impression on me. I would have preferred an extra Dynazty song instead. The light and sound was fine, but not super. Nonetheless, a great show from a band that I definitely want to see again.


Intro Amena
-Power Of Will
-Natural Born Killer
-Paradise Of The Architect
-The Grey
-Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
-In The Arms Of A Devil
-Presence Of Mind
-The Human Paradox
-Heartless Madness


Kissin’ Dynamite

The problem with a relatively small club, ditto stage and three bands is that you can’t build everything at once, as there simply isn’t enough space. Between the performances of Dynazty and Kissin’ Dynamite everything has to be taken off the stage and then the backline of Kissin’ Dynamite has to be completely built up. That took a bit longer than the average change over, but I must admit that the crews of the bands did an excellent job, because as soon as the Kissin’ Dynamite show started, the light and especially the sound were of an above average quality.

We can also say the same about the performance that these sympathetic Germans managed to give. Despite the fact that we were dealing with a tour closure, and there was a chance that fatigue could play tricks on the band, there was no sign of this. [That goes for all three bands, by the way].

Kissin’ Dynamite

Singer Hannes Braun and his men put on a great performance. The enthusiasm is dripping off, just like the water is dripping off the walls of the Biebob club. The temperature in the well-filled room has therefore risen to sauna-like values. But despite this heat, there is a lot of singing along and waving of arms as soon as conductor Hannes sets that example. Over the years Braun has developed into an accomplished frontman.


That goes for the whole band, by the way. Everyone puts on a very enthusiastic and energetic performance. And actually, there is only one point in the whole set that slows down a bit and that is during ,,Six Feet Under’’, the rest is just full throttle. From opening song ,,No One Dies A Virgin’’ until encore ,,Flying Colours’’ and everything in between!

Of course some jokes are played by the other bands during the performance, but that is actually limited to a drink that is administered during the performance.

Kissin’ Dynamite

I can say that the roof came off during this show and everyone got to see great shows tonight. The bands AND the audience ENJOYED [with capital letters] a crazy and warm evening in the Biebob, with the Kissin’ Dynamite show as the absolute highlight.

-No One Dies A Virgin
-I’ve Got The Fire
-Sex Is War
-Love Me, Hate Me
-Only The Dead
-Living In The Fastlane
-What Goes Up
-I Will Be King
-Six Feet Under
-You’re Not Alone
Not The End Of The Road

-Flying Colours

Kissin’ Dynamite

All photos by Raymond Helebrand



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