Live | Pinkpop 2024 – The hard-hitting bands-Landgraaf [NL]

21-22-23 June 2024

Although the Pinkpop Festival line up of 2024 will not really appeal to most readers of this heavy site, there were a couple of exceptions and bands that were really worthwhile watching and listening to. So, here, we go for a couple of hard-hitting bands at Pinkpop Edition 53.



Weather-wise the first day of Pinkpop was really shite, as at certain times it was raining cats and dogs, turning the field into a mud pit. Music-wise, there was one band I was really looking forward to and that was POLYPHIA. Hailing from Plano, Texas, this primarily instrumental prog rock/metal band has released four studio albums so far. Their music is a blend of prog, rock, metal, fusion and even jazz, with the two guitar heroes Tim Henson and Scott LePage being the dominant musical factors. Opening track ,,Loud” from their third EP, called ‘The Most Hated’, sets the tone for a fantastic hour of experimental guitar-dominated setlist. The sometimes furious, but also very melodic, guitar solos of Henson and LePage are really impressive and my air guitar playing cannot keep up with the speed of these guys.

Tim Henson (Polyphia)

The audience is constantly asked to go f…. wild, make a mosh pit and start crowd surfing. Something the security really cannot appreciate. Other highlights in Polyphia’s gig are ,,Euphoria” (from their second studio album ‘Renaissance’), ,,Playing God” (from their last album ‘Remember That You Will Die’) and ,,Champagne” form their debut album ‘Muse’, which dates from 2014. A superior performance of an exceptionally talented band. I am sure that we will hear a lot of Polyphia in the near future; if you do not know this band, check them out!!


John Coffey

On Saturday it was time for the come back at Pinkpop for the Dutch hard core punkers JOHN COFFEY. And what a come back it was. Right from the very first song ,,Steam Waltz” from their “new” album ‘FOUR’, the tent stage was on fire for sure. The audience was wild and super enthusiastic and David Achter de Molen’s throat was formidable. He was really going for it full blast! ,,Broke Neck”, ,,Featherless Redheads” and ,,I’ve Got A Bastard Virus and I Don’t Even Know Where It Came From” (awesome title by the way), followed. It was sheer heavy, aggressive bliss. John Coffey surprised the crowd in the middle of their set with a ferocious cover version of Rage Against The Machine’s ,,Guerrilla Radio”.

Further on in the set guitar player Chris talked about this year’s passing away of the legendary beer thrower, nine years ago. A Wall Of Life was created and the audience were asked to hug each other instead of jump and pogo in a Wall Of Death. Closing song ,,Heart Of A Traitor” was one of the highlights of this very dynamic set. It proved that this band is really something extraordinary and let it be noted that John Coffey is back; vigorously indeed!!


Raven van Dorst (DOOL)

Sunday, featured DOOL, Greta van Fleet, Limp Bizkit and Jane’s Addiction. I can honestly say that DOOL was THE revelation of Pinkpop 2024! Their performance was second to none for sure. DOOL, founded in 2015, has released three studio albums so far. ‘The Shape Of Fluidity’, their last one, released 19 April of this year is their best album by far.

Raven van Dorst, singer, guitarist, bandleader, main composer of the songs and writer of most lyrics, leads the band and displays a more than excellent gig in the tent. The fantastic opening song ,,Venus In Flames,” from their latest album, kicks you right in the teeth and sets the tone for a truly memorable gig. Raven’s vocals are very intense and emotional. The guitar hooks, riffs, melodies and solos of Nick Polak and Omar Kleiss are very doomy, dark, heavy, and swampy, creating a very original sound.

,,Oweynagat” (from the debut ‘Here Now, There Then’, 2017) was an underground hit for DOOL. It is a 100% guitar-dominated track, while ,,The Hand Of Creation”, the last track of their latest album, really sounds swampy and doomy. Creating again an awesome atmosphere in the Pinkpop tent. The highlight of this amazing set is the title track of their new album, which is almost a psychedelic, highlighting DOOL’s power, emotion, and vulnerability. DOOL’s performance was the musical highlight of Pinkpop 2024! Raven van Dorst rules and yes, just like Raven said, somewhere in the set: ,,Sorry, it is NOT Ed Sheeran!!!”


Joshua Kiszka (Greta van Fleet)

Next up was GRETA VAN FLEET. This was the third time at Pinkpop for this “classic” rock band from Michigan. The three Kiszka brothers and Daniel Wagner (drums) did their best, but the gig did not really come to life, so to speak. Especially Joshua’s vocals were sometimes rather tiring and screechy. ‘Starcatcher’, their last album, was represented with three songs today. The opening track ,,The Falling Sky,” ,,Meeting The Master” (with ,,Norwegian Wood” passages) and especially ,,The Archer” (with an awesome long guitar solo) were the highlights of the rather predictable set. I honestly think that these guys can do a lot better.


Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)

A really disappointing performance was about to start at the North Stage as LIMP BIZKIT hit the stage. This American metal band sold forty million records worldwide, had several hits, but utterly disappointed today here at the Pinkpop Festival. Kicking off with ,,Break Stuff” from the ‘Significant Other’ album was not that bad. The rest of the set list was almost filled entirely with horrible covers, like ,,Behind Blue Eyes”, ,,Faith”, ,,Careless Whisper” and ,,Come As You Are”. The end of this boring and tiresome set featured a rather weak version of ,,Nookie” and a second version of ,,Break Stuff”.


Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction)

The last band that was “suitable” to write a review about was JANE’S ADDICTION. This American rock band was formed way back in 1985 and this year marked the full reunion of the classic-era line-up, being: Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Eric Avery. Jane’s Addiction’s set was dynamic, fast, wild and ass-kicking. Starting off with ,,Kettle Whistle” followed by ,,Whores” these guys could do no wrong anymore. From their iconic album ‘Ritual de lo Habitual’ (1990) they played ,,Ain’t No Right”, ,,Stop!”, ,,Been Caught Stealing” and ,,Three Days”. Especially the latter was the highlight of this show, displaying an impressive extended guitar solo by Dave Navarro. A brilliant show that deserved a place at the main stage……

All photos by Jos Voncken



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