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To be quite honest I have never been a real KISS fan, although I liked the KISS ‘Alive’ album a lot. But I could always appreciate Ace Frehley’s guitar work and some of his solo albums – ‘Ace Frehley’ (1978), ‘Frehley’s Comet’ (1987), ‘Second Sighting’ (1988) or ‘Space Invader’ (2014) and `Spaceman’ (2018) – are really worthwhile listening to.


It has been four years since Frehley’s last album ‘Origins Volume 2’ and so ‘10,000 Volts’ is The Spaceman’s tenth solo studio album, featuring eleven new tracks. The album opens with the title track, packed with big drums and of course some real Spaceman guitar solos, love it already. Follow up ,,Walking On The Moon” is a mid-tempo heavy and rocking track, again featuring an awesome solo and it is the second single of this album. ,,Cosmic Heart” will be a live staple song for sure as it has a truly addictive, fist in the air chorus. So shout along and of course play it fucking LOUD.


,,Cherry Medicine” is kind of cheesy and corny, but in the right way, as it is again a 100% Frehley track. Check out his guitar solo at the 1:32 minute mark; definitely the most commercial song of the entire album. My personal fav on ‘10,000 Volts’ is ,,Fighting For Life”, being a rocking pace song with heavy guitar riffs and a magical solo, making this track heavy, gritty, and really impressive.


,,Stratosphere” is the only instrumental track of this album and Ace really nails this one. Maybe his most daring guitar piece to date as his solos here are top-notch. Featuring touches of the Spaceman’s seventies signature sounds, licks, and riffs, a great closer to a more than excellent rock album.


Ace Frehley has done it again. A 100% true solid rock album with songs that are catchy and most of all filled with more than excellent guitar solos and anthemic choruses. Enough to enjoy here, so if you liked Ace’s previous solo albums than ‘10.000 Volts’ is a must. I only think/feel that this album is rather short (too short in fact) as most of the songs never “reach” the four minutes mark with the exception of ,,Up In The Sky” clocking in at 4:30. But that is just me nagging about a bit. Play it and enjoy it.

Release date: 23 February 2024



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