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Art Of Anarchy is an American super group consisting of guitar picker Ron Bumblefoot Thal, guitarist Jon Votta, drummer Vince Votta, bass player Tony Dickinson and singer Jeff Scott Soto. The latter being the third vocalist of Art Of Anarchy, after Scott Weiland and Scott Stapp. Soto got his permanent position with the band in September 2023 with the release of the single ,,Vilified”, a track that reminds me of Iced Earth and Five Finger Death Punch. In fact, the entire album is packed with catchy hard rock/metal songs with obvious influences from bands like Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, P.O.D. and sometimes even Annihilator.


The music is a more than excellent blend of hard rock, metal, power metal, stoner, hard core and even grunge and most of the tracks really stand out due to the amazing guitar work of Bumblefoot. Check out his awesome solo in ,,Vilified” or the hyper melodic and goosebump solo in ,,Bridge Of Tomorrow”.


The second single of this epic album is called ,,Die Hard” and it is definitely one of the best songs of the album. Starting with a mysterious and dark intro of one minute, followed by an Annihilator-like guitar riff, a rather catchy chorus and again fabulous guitar work. ,,Echo Your Madness” is also a heavy-hitting metal like song, and ,,The Good, The Bad And The Insanity” is a true head-banging anthem.


‘Let There Be Anarchy’ shows Art Of Anarchy at the top of their game, as this third album is also much darker and more sinister than their two previous albums. An epic hard rock/metal album, filled with soaring vocals – Jeff Scott Soto still delivers the goods – and massive and spectacular guitar solos. One of the first big surprises of the year 2024 as this is an album not to be missed. So get it asap and of course play it F… LOUD indeed!!

Listening tip: ,,Vilified”.

Release date: 16 February 2024



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