Review | Ashrain – Requiem Reloaded

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Ashrain is a new band project by Japanese guitarist Nozomu Wakai (Destinia) and veteran bass player Peter Baltes (co-founder of Accept). They started working on this adventure somewhere in 2020. In a later stage singer luri Sanson and power house skin basher Andy C (ex-Lords of Black, real name Andres Cobos) got involved and things started to get into shape.


These four gentlemen are now united in a new 2023 power metal force unit that takes no prisoners. The ten songs on ‘Requiem Reloaded’ will take you on an exciting trip full of power and speed but with the necessary melody and some amazing shredding by mister Nozomu. It is not that Ashrain has reinvented the heavy metal power wheel. The songs are pouncing. A big bonus is that Iuri Sanson fits in well with his singing that sometimes reminds me of a certain mister Romero with as main difference that Sanson jumps into the higher regions more often and he does that in style.


Especially the second part of the record does not let up for a moment. Some tracks have a ‘sophisticated’ start but as soon as Andy C and Peter Baltes lay down the groove all hell breaks loose and Ashrain goes into overdrive. And by doing that constantly it does make ‘Requiem Reloaded’ somewhat into a ‘one sided’ album. The focus is very much on the same thing while you just feel that Ashrain should be capable to kick out a great power ballad or something in that direction. That might be something they hold back for a second album perhaps. For now, the band gets away with their muscle and epic force. However, some more variation in the future would do them no harm at all.

Release date: 14 April 2023



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