Review | Blind Man’s Daughter – Liquid

Exclusive pre-release listening session

Upon our interview Ashley Wolfe of Blind Man’s Daughter [coming soon…] forwarded us the new tune, to be released on streaming platforms on March 29th. The new song ,,Liquid” follows the path of its predecessor, yet also links with the debut album `Sundressed’.

There’s a lot going on guitar-wise. The piano is subtle and present in the front of the mix, but it’s Wolfe’s guitar work that is elevating ,,Liquid”. 


The opening [short] solo is an enigmatic Friedman `Scenes’-era shred salvo full of feeling. Morphing into the theme, Wolfe’s guitar unloads strong phrased themes fused together by slick licks atop, raining with notes. Jazzy accolades, as the piano and guitar interacts with a trade-off in clean vibrance. Almost like a Q & A, the musical interaction is intense, with of high guitar pitches and screeches deepening the palate. Towards the end the freckled light atmosphere gets dense, with keys adding to the guitar-piano interaction. There’s a subtle change in melodic direction front to end, with repetitive melodies morphing alongside Wolfe’s freckled-like guitar salvos. The heavy but brisk groove slowly transcends into liquid state towards the end of the song. The space between piano and guitar is pressing the song title, sonically welling with waves and tides like the ocean.


The entire song is held together by a trap beat drum – synth groove, light and atmospheric. Low droning bass plucks extend the low-end vibe and contrast nicely with the song’s ambiance and ethereal sections. Especially when both halt at 1:10 the ethereal whisper intensifies with Ashley’s subtle and mesmerizing vocals is serene moan, frail but pressing its message. Her phrasing displays enormous appeal, shining through the lyrics. In the opening almost narrative and phrased powerful, Ashley brings a sultry dreamy state forward meandering the end of the song. It is stirring, and wells with the music.

,,Liquid” is another step of the artist Wolfe leaping forward. Again, she surprises with her music, redefining her own boundaries, while maintaining Blind Man’s Daughter’s benchmark deep channelling appeal.   



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