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BLOODORN is a play on words derived from the Viking torture method “Blôdörn” (better known as “Blood Eagle”) and “Blood”. In the band’s universe, the BLOODORN is akin to a REAPER—a monster ready to kill and destroy everything in its path. It embodies the fight against oppression, authority and tyranny, shadow cults, Norse mythology, war and honor, inner strength. While delving into dark gothic fantasy and video games these themes are reinforced by the distinctive power metal of Bloodorn.


Bloodorn is the band formed by Sirenia’s Nils Courbaron teaming up with Sirenia drummer Michael Brush and seasoned musicians Francesco Saverio Ferraro (Freedom Call) and singer Mike Levas from Silent Winter-fame. Formed on the outskirts of the pandemic, the band takes position with strong lyricism, blended with classic power metal strut and Teutonic menace and German metal accolades.

Opened with the colorful guitar intro ,,Overture XIS” the band storms forward with scorching riffs and towering melodies on the outline defining ,,Fear the Coming Wave”, referring to the anger managed narratives of the past pandemic. The vocals are powerful and anger-laden, the instrumentation intense. Swirling guitar melodies pitched high towards the guitar solo in which Courbaron exposes his dazzling skills and wonderful tone. ,,Tonight, We Fight!” roars with discord and stride, packed with jagged raw riffs and hooks.

Blending their unique take on metal with ominous accolades, Bloodorn’s cover of Ghost’s ,,Square Hammer” receives a power metal makeover, infused with intense and brisk fertility that reinvigorates the track; loud and fierce, it fires on all engines without losing its gripping melodic appeal. Levin draws from his widest vocal range, belting out a snarling execution that masterfully incorporates King Diamond’s highest pitches and echoing haunts; his performance is discharged with a wailing tone and a hollow roar that resonates deeply. This approach makes perfect sense, showcasing the potential of bloodorn as they expose their musical prowess and thematic depth.


Opening with an epic flourish, ,,Under the Secret Sign” transforms into a galloping powerhouse track with a high tempo and German-rooted melodic choruses that instantly captivate. The ferocious whirl of guitars is tremendous. This intense pace continues with ,,God Won’t Come” and ,,Let the Fury Rise,” featuring Halford-ian pitches and snarling vocal delivery, showcasing a fierce interplay of muscular chops and brisk guitar work. 

Drawing from classic US power metal, the band displays keen musical marksmanship on ,,Rise Up Again,” featuring epic keys and arrangements beneath rousing melodies. Levin roars loud and fierce, employing fist-raising tactics throughout. ,,Bloodorn” sets a benchmark with its intense drum dynamics, outstanding guitar licks, and memorable hooks and melodies. The instrumental delivery is scorching, with heavy power metal exploding into rousing choruses and dynamic performances.

Scaling back on keys but building on swirling guitar melodies and searing riffs, the band goes full throttle on the heavy ,,Six Wounded Wolves”, raising fists high and wielding axes in its rapturing drum and guitar extravaganza. Similarly, ,,Forging the Future” storms forward with the same powerful energy but transcends with a towering bridge and chorus in the style of Helloween and Gamma Ray.


`Let the Fury Rise’ showcases Courbaron’s musical prowess, featuring insanely scorching guitar work with blazing riffs, powerful hooks, intense solos, and memorable licks. The songs are executed with passion, blending the best of German and US power metal, drawing influences from Angra, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, and Wardog. The overall speed of these 10 tracks (+ intro) rivals that of Dragonforce, making this album a must-listen for fans of ferocious speed and power metal.

Release date: 24 May 2024



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