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For Europe and the USA Melbourne rocker Cassidy Paris might not be a new name perhaps. The daughter of Wicked Smile-guitarist Steve Janevski (also The Radio Sun and earlier Black Majesty) has already built up a reputation in Australia with a couple of singles and multiple live-performances. Steve Janevski has been looking after the musical career of his daughter like a mother hen, while also Paul Laine (The Descendants) has been involved for a long time with this girl having worked with Steve for years and most recently with Wicked Smile. In November Cassidy accompanied Wicked Smile on their UK tour taking the stage herself. I am quite surprised that Wicked Smile never got signed by Frontiers as this band would fit perfectly with the Italian label. Maybe the launch of ‘New Sensation’ the first full CD of Cassidy might pave the way for her old man’s band.


Being surrounded by a hard rocking father and his musical mates has clearly had an influence on the musical development of Cassidy. Steve plays guitar on her album as does second Wicked Smile-guitarist Dave Graham. Paul Laine does background vocals. To keep an eye on things Frontiers added their own man Alessandro Del Vecchio to the mix plus drummer Mirko De Maio. The eleven songs on ‘New Sensation’ picture Cassidy Paris a modern-day rock girl. She looks a bit further down the (musical) line by adding a lot of modern rock influences to her music. Although with heavy weights as her dad, Laine, Graham plus the Italian connection by her side, Cassidy sets her own pace with songs that not only have clear rock features but they also have a certain radio ‘friendliness’ in them. Can I say Avril Lavigne meets Pat Benatar at certain songs?


Frontiers also has UK singer Chez Kane under contract but it would be unfair to compare these two girls. Miss Kane is much more classic rock minded while Cassidy Paris stands for sharp edged rock with sophisticated features as shown on the beautiful ballad ,,Here I Am’’ that showcases the vocal capacities of this girl. But also the fiery opener ,,Danger’’ has its qualities with Cassidy belting it out. ‘New Sensation’ is a CD with several musical faces.

Although the rock background is featured in almost every track it seems that Frontiers might be aiming with Cassidy at a more contemporary market and/or audience. Add to that the fact that the girl is extremely young and right in the middle of her musical development and it might not be such a bold prediction when I say that in time, she will be a real ‘new sensation’ on a larger scale. She has got the looks, she surely has got the voice that is capable of tackling several rock genres, and she has a dad who cannot be fooled in this business anymore. It is just a matter of choosing the right strategy of marketing for her career.

Release date: 8 December 2023



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