Review | Cradle Of Filth – Existence Is Futile

Nuclear Blast Records

‘Existence Is Futile’, what a statement. If it is, what is or makes sense? What is our purpose? I suppose Dani Filth and his men would know, as they carry ,,The Fate Of The World On Our Shoulders”, according to the first track of this new album. The British extreme metal band is torturing the world since 1991 and Cradle Of Filth has become one of the most successful bands of its genre.


Dani’s trademark screech growls are once again in the center of a brand new epic masterpiece of darkness. I suppose if existence is futile, we’re not talking about this band or their new record at all. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of black metal’ish kind of music, but this record got my attention. It is pure evil in precisely and clever written music. It is interesting to see that this kind of music lives through a revival recently as it got stuck in the underground for years. So Cradle Of Filth profits from their years of experience to be part of the league where they belong.

All the aspects that made them famous in the 90s are there to find on the new album. I would even go there to say, they are at their fucking best today. I guess it’s time to grab my “Jesus is a C**t” shirt and remember that this musical existence is not futile.



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