Review | Dirty Honey – Can’t Find The Brakes

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Their first self-titled album from Los Angeles based band Dirty Honey came out over two years ago, lasted only half an hour but promised an awful lot for the future. The band toured through the US and Europe for the last two years, spreading their classic rock in the style of Free, Mother Road and Cry Of Love to whoever who wanted to hear it.


Losing drummer Corey Coverstone along the way and replacing him with Jaydon Bean, it was time for singer Marc Labelle, guitarist John Notto and bass player Justin Smolian to back up that so inspiring sounding first album. And boy oh boy, how Dirty Honey has done that in a splendid manner indeed. Working again with producer/engineer/mixer Nick Didia (who also runs their management) ‘Can’t Find The Brakes’ will be one of the most entertaining classic rock albums you have heard in a while, let me tell you!


Dirty Honey is a band that obviously have a favourite saying: less is more. Just adding some atmospheric B3, Wurlitzer and piano to several of their songs (tastefully played by Ian Peres) Dirty Honey keeps it simple yet super-effective. Singer Labelle and guitarist Notto are the guys bringing the songs to life. These guys have swagger, swing, and variety in their genes. Whether you are listening to an acoustic ballad such as ,,Roam’’ or ,,Coming Home’’ or the energetic rockers ,,Dirty Mind’’, ,,Don’t Put Out The Fire’’ as well as the explosive title-track, it is all a question of quality to the extend bands like Aerosmith and the mighty Led Zeppelin once brought to you.

Subtle where need be, more robust and rocking steady when they want to. It is all there on one of the most honest and mesmerizing sounding albums that the year 2023 has produced. I remember writing over two years ago that this could be a band for the future. Let me tell you this: the future is now!

Release date: 3 November 2023



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