Review | Dymytry – Five Angry Men

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To be quite honest after looking at the song titles: ,,Legends Never Die”, ,,In Death We Trust”, ,,Dead Living Dead” or ,,Three Steps To Hell”, I thought, well this is going to be a real cliché metal album.


Then I had a look at their uniforms and masks, and I thought, all right, a new Slipknot band, so not very original, right? Then, after my first spin of ‘Five Angry Men’ I really did not “get” what this Czech metal band was all about. The music reminded me of Five Finger Death Punch, a band, to say it euphemistically, I do not like. Musically, ‘Five Angry Men’, the second album with English lyrics, their sixth overall, is a weird blend of hard rock, metal, goth rock and power metal. Also the band seems to like anthemic, stadium sized singalong choruses, which sound rather tedious and “simple”, at least to me….


Take for example the lead single of this album called ,,Everything Is Black”, a very “commercial” modern metal track which I have heard lots of times before, but then better. The music can also be described as “flawless” alternative metal, packed with familiar guitar riffs, vocal hooks; making it almost perfect for mainstream metal fans. Lyrically, Dymytry deals with Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb (,,In Death We Trust”), anti- war themes (,,1939”) and online harassment (,,Enemy List”).


To me, however, this album is too much of the same old, same old. So if you are looking for metal creativity then you should ignore this album. However if you like mainstream metal then ‘Five Angry Men’ is worthwhile a listen to. Singer/frontman Alen A.L. Ljubic refers to the album’s motto/title, as follows: ,,Sometimes you need five ugly anti-heroes who don’t gloss over the ugly reality, but at least present it in a good way”. Check out for yourself if you feel a connection with this band, I certainly do not, sorry….

Release date: 26 January 2024



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