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Building on the foundation of their last two albums `The Unknown’ and `Universe’, Edge Of Paradise further expands the bands experimental reign on their new album `Hologram’. Their gradually progressing epic metal is morphing every step taken, and `Hologram’ is not only the next step, it is a gigantic leap forward.

The concept album `Hologram’ enriches the band’s sonic specter with more intensity, industrial driven strut and electronic injections making the songs warp over its counterparts. With a storyline that feels to hail from the previous two albums, the band is traveling at warp speed.


,,Hologram’’ is the opening title track that is also the countdown into the story displaying the keen orchestrations and electronic advantage the band has on offer. With singer Margarita Monet residing in the high regions, the song is somewhat neurotically carving the storyline. Dave Bates and David Ruiz’ riffs and rhythms are fused onto the ponderous groove laid down by Lenny Lockwood (bass) and drummer Jamie Moreno. During the guitar solo an unimaginable set of notes are fired upon the listener, no shred head can discard the magnitude. More dynamic progressive is the metal cracker ,,This is Personal” and ,,Soldiers of Danger” is a perfect concoction of heavy dynamics and gigantic symphonic elements weld to the modern elements discharged.

The outcome is blistering powerful and the groove is tremendous. Monet is bordering with insanity on the anger-laden vocals, switching between roaring heaviness and scorching highs packed with an insane raw edge. 


Glorious is ,,The Faceless” and its opening. The pulsating low throb is meandering with creaky vocals, and Monet powering up for the ravishing chorus. The sudden short break of content is exceptional, with harmonized guitar melodies and keys. Going in with industrial march ,,Dark” does justice to its title. Bewitching vocals and dripping sound effects over jazzy scaped drum patterns, the song meanders in solitude towards the bombardment of melodies in the chorus and bridge. Suddenly Dave and David pull forward with industrial raw riffrage atop the pompous keys and intense orchestration, with Monet also anteing up her game. She belts out frustrated powerful highs and constantly switching back to her melancholic pop toned register, making it an intense endeavour.

The intensity of the song contrasts deeply with the alternative tinging metal track ,,Unbeatable” with its heavy thrust and poppy accolades. The subtle orchestration is endured in the draw back melancholy of ,,Don’t Give up on Me”. It casts shadows while carving a heavy ponderous groove with marching drums and morphing riff dynamics that balance out in the heavily orchestrated mix of epic arrangements and fierce metal licks and guitar melodies. 


Going in with anguish ,,One More Time” follows the heavier density of the previous song, while also laying down a versatile guitar interaction that dominates the progressive sonic palate. Monet switching between her warmest register to suddenly power up for insane high sections that are weld onto the towering keys welling alongside. More intrinsic and staccato is the wonderful ,,Basilisk” with its mesmerizing melodies and heavy-as-hell riffs. The vocal interaction and low grunts in the back furthermore unload an edge that Monet can flex her neurotic heavy metal tone around. The drum rolls intensify underneath the slick guitar licks before it powers all back up for Monet to scream out her lungs and inject the song with anguish and anger.

The ultra-dynamic song is the night balancing the daytime feeling of ,,Another Life”. The song is a geared down melodic escapade of musical extravagance on double kicks and progressive drum patterns, swirling guitar melodies and blunt raw riffs, propelling bass and raining keys that shape the dense melodics of the song. The melody is appealing and powerful, and the vocal line is spot on, with Monet echoing her heaviest raw tone on the verge of neuroticism.  


`Hologram’ is the album that orbits from the intersection where Amaranthe, Liv Sin and Eleine collide. It is modern and dark, poppy and neurotic, with Monet belting out the exact dose of agony and pain to make the concept grow on you. Musically it packs a tremendous drive and it constantly fires on all engines without missing the igniting sparks in the dark. A lot going on and the density of the musical palate is tremendous, though some need to have a heavy stomach to digest the anger-laden and neurotic high pitches of Monet. With the videos in line with the band’s high-tech tone and content, Edge of Paradise and `Hologram’ are a sight for ears and eyes.

Must hear!

Release date: 14 July 2023


Edge Of Paradise is an American hard rock/heavy metal band formed 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Founding members are vocalist/pianist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates.


Hard Rock, Heavy Metal




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