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German happy melodic power metal band Freedom Call is in the music business for twenty-five years now. So Chris Bay (vocal, guitar), Lars Rettkowitz (guitar), Francesco Ferraro (bass guitar) and Ramy Ali (drums) release their silver wedding anniversary album called ‘Silver Romance’. The title of the album also applies to the contents of the recording. As Bay explains: ,,Silver is said to strengthen your self-confidence and your imagination.”


‘Silver Romance’ contains thirteen new tracks and after listening to the opening track, which is the title song of the album, you will notice that nothing has changed. The music of Freedom Call is still the same as on their previous albums. So, it is happy metal galore. Most of the tracks are packed with sticky, sugar sweet, almost corny melodies, familiar riffs, and singalong choruses; in short: nothing new under the sun.


,,In Quest Of Love” is the rather superfluous, obligatory ballad, while the song ,,High Above” could be best described as disco metal. A song that you definitely have to skip if you want to enjoy the rest of this album. ,,Symphony Of Avalon” is the fastest, but also the best track of the album.

,,Out Of Space”, again a song with a heck of a title, is the most poppy track. While ,,Blue Giant” is definitely the most “obscure” track, as it is rather melancholic and not a happy metal song.


Overall, ‘Silver Romance’ is a MUST for Freedom Call fans. If you like your power metal with lots more diversity than I would advise you to ignore this album, as it really sounds TOO happy most of the time. Even if you play ‘Silver Romance’ F… LOUD the songs do not get better, sad but true. For FC fans however there is enough to enjoy.

Release date: 10 May 2024



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