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New Horizon, the Swedish power metal band founded in 2021 by Jona Tee and vocalist Erik Grönwall, who soon after joined the ranks of Skid Row. On his search for an adequate replacement Jona asked his long-time friend Nils Molin (Dynazty, Amaranthe) to join now releasing their third full-length album `Conquerors’. It’s a blistering tour-de-force of soaring vocals, wonderful melodies and shredding guitars, atop thunderous rhythms cementing their status in the melodic metal realm.


From the opening salvo, the band makes their intentions clear – to conquer the listener’s ears with an unrelenting barrage of fist-pumping anthems drenched in nostalgic classic metal vibes. Molin’s powerful stratospheric vocal range is on full display, effortlessly transitioning between gritty low registers and raw Dio-esque powerhouse vocals orbiting the music on the album.

The riffing is equally impressive, with dual guitar harmonies weaving intricate melodic tapestries together in fine pitch, backed by a rock-solid rhythm section comprised of Tee (guitars) and Georg Härnsten Egg (drums). Tracks like the epic ,,King of Kings” and the adrenaline-fueled ,,Against all Odds” with its epic opening that suddenly storms forward relentless, showcase the band’s adept blend of classic rock and metal. Modern influences, merging vintage metal might with contemporary production prowess, make this new album a benchmark for epic hard rock.


Yet for all their bombast, New Horizon never lose sight of strong songwriting fundamentals. Infectious nesting choruses, nesting melodies and masterful hooks abound, ensuring these metallic anthems will be lodged in your brain for weeks to come. ,,Daimyo” displays this modern fuse of styles with classic accolades and drum propulsion. Pompous keys swirl and the bridge builds to its elemental offload of the gigantic hook with Molin showcasing his intense vocal delivery. Drawing from all his powerhouse registers he roars loud, with intense tone of voice. The keyboard solo pitches into a towering guitar solo, making the song cross all boxes for classic metal. 

Dio comes to mind, louder and more pumped up to display muscles. Lyrically the song traverses the saga of unifier Oda Nobunaga in 16th century feudal Japan, warping the listener into the cinematics of the song. Daimyo is Japanese “大名”.  With “大” = Big & “名”=Name, spelling Daimyo as ‘Big Name’, in other words: King.

This brings the theme of the interwoven tracks on ,,Conquerors” forward, mentioned by Jona to be an “anthology series of song” with “chronicling significant historic events and characters, who have pioneered in their fields. Ushered in new eras, conquered or carved their names into the pages of history”. This red line is enhanced by the epic and powerful musical execution.


The soaring lead work and tasteful synths provide an atmospheric backdrop to epics like the keyboard-dominated riff monster ,,Shadow Warrior”, or the equally powerful ,,Messenger of the Stars” which leans stronger on its ponderous drum propulsion and hovering keys raining down into the top of the mix. Throughout, Molin displays his versatility, constantly shifting gears and coloring the songs with a rich melodic tone and powerful vocal prowess.

Amidst all this vocal excellence, the craftsmanship of guitarist Tee is extraordinary, blending melodies with intense heavy elements and dynamic drum work. But the true hinges of rotation are the downright enormous choruses and melodic hooks that inject doses of instant recognizability into the songs, allowing them to nest immediately in the listener’s brain.

Scorching with ferocious guitar riffs, licks and solos, ,,Fallout War” is more hook-and-break laden, brimming with a gruelling urgency and ominous drive. Powering up all engines, the roaring ,,Edge of Insanity” has Molin belting out an opening pitch that warps the song into the red in a matter of seconds. Its power lies in the welling pompous accolades and heavy groove underpinned by a sense of turmoil. As usual, Tee’s keyboard work is impressive, adding unexpected tones to the rich tapestry of the track. Underneath, the bass drones and progressive drum work pack potency, brimming with dynamic flair.


Elevating the music to transcendent heights, piano and keys enhance the atmospheric backdrop, injecting each song with a wondrous scenery that comes vividly alive for the listener. The heroic epos ,,Apollo” is propelled by ravishing marching drums and muscular, very nuanced riff and hook discharges, punctuated by colorful keyboard stabbings and welling emotions. This glorious march is empowered by sterling vocal melodies sung into the stratosphere by Nils Molin. He draws from his powerful Dio-esque register, seamlessly switching echoing passages, soaring narration, and glass-shattering pitches.

,,Before the Dawn” is a genuine display of craftmanship, imbued with an epic Celtic undertone and subtle acoustic execution. Welling with raw emotion, the song is lifted by Molin’s wonderful vocals. His narrational tone hits deep, when powering up oozing comfort amid the lush atmospherics.

When counter parted by Elize Ryd’s (Amaranthe) rich female vocals, the intensity increases, this duetting section making the song whirl with vivid colors as strings and a copper section swell while the orchestration builds into a heavy riff that breaks through the mix. Both vocalists tower above, their impassioned voices rising to great heights before dying out in ambient light. It’s a wonderful piece of sonic artistry. 


‘Save the best for last’ applies to the epic 8:45 minute track ,,Alexander the Great”, which opens with a narrated sound fragment setting the stage. Drums start their marching beat underneath a Phrygian guitar melody, suddenly erupting with power as the guitar scorches with heaviness and Molin starts to belt out heavily phrased vocals, telling the narrative. Drawing from his soaring Bruce Dickinson register, he echoes fiercely as the song builds in intensity and drive. Progressive rhythm changes ensue as strings and keys discharge their cinematic might, the instrumental sections constantly morphing.

Middle Eastern guitar melodies transcend into medieval themes weeping across different pitches. The repetitive melody shifts into a towering solo while the bass pulls ahead with sharp breaks and dazzling fretboard wizardry. Shifting gears again, the bass playing takes on a Harris reminiscent gallop, with the song hinting at Iron Maiden‘s epic structures, blazing its own unique, cinematic glorious trail.

It’s an absolute masterclass in progressive/power metal’s most ambitious storytelling traditions. By the time the last chords ring out, you’ll feel transported through eons of history and myth.


`Conquerors’ sees New Horizon crafting a richly atmospheric world that elevates melodic metal to new heights. With excellent song writing, top-notch musicianship, and a dexterous grasp of dynamics and texture, this zenith record will leave fans awaiting conquests that lies ahead. The addition of Molin is key, and with the addition of guitarists Love Magnusson, Daniel Johansson and Laucha Figueroa, Tee has brought rich variance to the solos, adding to the thrive of New Horizon’s overall dominant sound. 

`Conquerors’ is a relentless barrage of fist-pumping anthems which will leave hard rock and metal fans raising horns and beers while banging heads in joyful submission to this New Horizon. 

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Release date: 14 June 2024



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