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The father-daughter (founding) duo of Paralandra storms onto the scene with their latest release, `The Body Electric’, garnering rave reviews and acclaim for their immense musical evolution. What began as a collaboration for a 4th of July event in 2013 blossomed into a close harmony partnership for the Carsons, resulting in a series of releases that showcasing their talent and stage presence, earning them widespread adoration from audiences everywhere, from festival stages to smoky bars.

Through relentless touring and recording, Paralandra solidified their reputation, laying the groundwork for `The Body Electric’ as their triumphant step forward. With this album, they captivate listeners with their dynamic sound and undeniable chemistry, cementing into a top rank position in the rock music.


`The Body Electric’ is a captivating and electrifying compilation of tracks that boldly showcase melodious prowess and raw energy, surpassing their previous album, `Street Magic’ which garnered millions of views on YouTube, further solidifying their presence in the music world.

Kicking off with ,,Look at Me Now” Dakota Watson‘s thunderous drum rolls set the stage for a weighty groove, while Casandra and Paul Carson‘s guitar interplay captivates with its diversity, shifting tones and styles effortlessly. Sawyer Rikard‘s bass lays down a foundation of robust chords with potent slaps, all serving as the backdrop for Casandra’s commanding vocal delivery. Often drawing comparisons to the likes of Lzzy Hale, Casandra brings a comparable intensity, yet also channels the radiant essence of Elin Larsson from Blues Pills. These bluesy undertones intertwine seamlessly with the bold and powerful music, brimming with emotional resonance.

Tracks like the insanely melodic ,,Dirty Love”, with its bone rattling drum entrance, and the energetic charged ,,Give Me a Reason” immediately nestle into the listener’s psyche, their melodies striking a balance between staggering intensity and melodic allure. Casandra’s vocals soar, infusing each note with soulful depth and a hint of grit, reminiscent of the fiery vigor of Ann Wilson‘s early days. ,,The Only One” ignites with turbulent energy and a blistering guitar opening, signaling a full-throttle ride from start to finish, evoking echoes of classic rock’s heyday.


Equally weighted, ,,Better Days” fuses heavy grooves and rumbling bass lines onto a riff-driven framework that stands tall with commanding presence, all while revealing a keen sense of melody in its dynamic stop-and-go cadence. Its riffs sear with intensity, while the blues-infused solos resonate with the grandeur reminiscent of Mick Ralphs from Bad Company. The guitar solo, screaming and weeping, propels ,,Spell on Me” into motion only to abruptly halt for a bluesy vocal delivery that is unparalleled and soaring. The guitar interplay counters the vocal lines flawlessly, while the verses pulsate with rough-and-tumble fervor. Drum rolls and dynamic rhythm shifts ignite the soulful blues swinger ,,Faith Hope Love” pulsating with an immense sense of power and passion. Its melodic vocal lines resonate with soulful depth, infusing the track with gut-wrenching drama.


,,Savannah” emerges as another enthralling blues rock anthem, its heavy stomp evoking an urge to raise fists in a singalong to its unforgettable chorus. Casandra’s vocal versatility shines as she seamlessly blends tones, infusing each pitch with a mix of sentimental agony and resilience. The music brims with power and dynamism, adorned with bluesy flourishes and a standout solo that momentarily halts before plunging into musical ecstasy, only to return to its haunting refrain.

,,Resurrexit” charges forward with formidable force, Casandra unleashing gritty, soulful vocals that channel the raw energy reminiscent of Matt James from Blacktop Mojo, also able to channel brisk heaviness and soulful swagger. ,,Love of My Life” stands as an absolute pinnacle track. A touching ballad where sincerity radiates from every note, leaving the listener profoundly moved. Casandra’s vocals are nothing short of breath-taking, perfectly mirroring the emotional depth of the lyrics and enveloping the listener in its heartfelt embrace. Frailty and vulnerability shimmer in the chorus, yet as the song builds in its melodic intensity, it brims with passion and fervor, touching the heart with undeniable grip. This track easily rivals any chart-topping ballad of the past four decades, surpassing many with its unparalleled sincerity and emotional resonance. One of the very best of the last couple of years easily!


This latest offering `The Body Electric’ by Paralandra is a tour de force of modernity fused with the timeless allure of classic bluesy swagger and hard-hitting rock anthems. Across its 10 tracks, the album effortlessly transitions from gritty, hard-rocking tunes to anthemic, parade-worthy rousers, leaving listeners hooked and hitting the ‘repeat’ button time and again. Whether you’re cruising down the highway on a sizzling summer day or firing up the grill for a backyard party, the music of Paralandra provides the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, this album demands to be played at full volume—it’s an absolute must-have for any rock enthusiast. 

Simply put; “The Body Electric” is nothing short of amazing!

Release date: 5 April 2024



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