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From the ruins of the Swedish band Tuck From Hell (they released the album ‘Thrashing’ over a decade ago) comes Rifforia. Drummer Fredrik Johansson and guitarist Marcus Bengts could not really count on the full cooperation of singer Niclas Ingels and were stuck with a bunch of songs for which they could not find a suitable singer. In stepped Nils Patrik Johanssen, the father of Fredrik and singer of bands such as Astral Doors, Wuthering Heights, Lion’s Share and Civil War. Fredrik realised that his father’s vocal pipes where the best option although Nils Patrik was not known as a guy that could do thrash as well. They gave it a go and here they are under a new moniker called Rifforia and an album called ‘Axeorcism’.


The ten songs on ‘Axeorcism’ can be classified as a potent and flammable mix between thrash metal and heavy metal. Some songs have a pure thrashy musical feel but with the high pitched and powerful voice of Nils Patrik the album sounds more as a strong combination of both styles. The best example would be ,,Sea Of Pain’’ where both styles meet and the result is pretty awesome. Relentless riffs played in a fast tempo and Nils Patrik steering it towards heavy metal.

Obviously, the band name Rifforia has a special reason. The riffs on this whole album are super cool. The guitarists Marcus Bengts (who also played the bass parts) and Magnus Frederiksson really go to town on this album. Playing super tight and with a certain amount of brilliance as well. Add to that some heavy class drumming by Fredrik Johansson and it is safe to say that Axeorcism’ has a lot to offer to the fan of a more extreme metal style.


Because of the specific sound of Nils Patrik it shall surprise no one that Rifforia has some similarities with Astral Doors or Civil War but that is purely vocal related. The music is very different indeed. Although being sceptical when Nils Patrik offered his services to help his son along, Frederik Johansson must be tickled pink with this record. Not only are these songs out of his system now but the result is a hell of a ride as well. In Rifforia the best of two musical styles have come together as one!

Release date: 23 February 2024



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