Review | Shotgun Mistress – Kings Of The Revolution

Independent release

From Down Under Shotgun Mistress, continues its meteoric rise with their sophomore album ‘Kings Of The Revolution’. Eleven new refreshing hard rock tracks hit you in the face right from the first guitar riffs of the opening title track. Shotgun Mistress, consisting of Ben Curnow (bass guitar), David Lee (drums), Glenn Patrick (vocals) and Matt Wilcock (guitars) play hard rock in its purest form. They bring a fresh perspective to the rock genre, featuring big guitars, huge vocals and pounding rhythms.

,,Sweet Woman” is rather funky, and Patrick’s vocal performance here is impressive. Heavy guitar driven songs like ,,From Hell And Down” and ,,Shot Down” really remind me of the early years of notorious bands like Skid Row or Guns ‘N Roses. The single ,,Jude Judas” is a 100% powerhouse track, while ,,Mary Jane”, featuring Rusty Brown (of fellow Melburnians Electric Mary) shows the band at another tempo. Shotgun Mistress is at its best with songs like ,,It’s Alright” or ,,Addicted To Pain”. Songs that really showcase their huge live rock sound.


The power ballad on this album is called ,,Welcome To The Fight”. It kicks off with opening whistles, and in the beginning, you think that you are listening to Guns ‘N Roses’ ,,Patience” or the Scorpions hit ,,Wind Of Change’’.  If you like your rock hard and heavy this album is a must for you. This is hard rock done very well. Maybe not revolutionary as you will have heard music like this before, but nevertheless you will love this album.

Play this record LOUD and Shotgun Mistress will pull you into their fast-paced stylish hard rock very quickly and you will be addicted for sure. Listening tip: ,,Down”.



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