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One E.P. and two albums in Czech rockers Sleazy RoXxX deliver a brand-new record entitled `Trinity Junction’. Over the course of their career, they established themselves in the genre without hitting the top shelf. Their E.P. `Spread the Pink’ and album `Dangerous Obsession’ were solid performances with ditto tracks and the band anteed up their game on `Topless Suicide’ to kick the bucket on this new album. `Trinity Junction’ is here to prove these Czech’s mean business.


Raw driving guitars and rousing choruses take possession of soundwaves on the opening energetic Hanoi Rock reminiscent ,,Boyz4Boyz”, but it isn’t until the second track ,,Curse of a Generation” that the band goes all in. Though the vocals are overall powerful and on edge, the melody and drive of the song are leaning more towards the melodics of the genre, unloading a great track. Raw and roaring they delve into melodic sleaze rockers like ,,Supercharged” with its exquisite guitar lick, or the riff driven ,,Everything” with its excellent guitar harmonies and melodies, and ear mingling chorus. Ingredients that work well as proven on the melodic riff-injected opening of ,,Sky is Fallin”, with its throbbing bass and stop ‘n go sections that unload screeching guitar howls fused with mega melodic choruses. 

,,This Time” is perhaps the best calling card for `Trinity Junction’, bordering with H.E.A.T’s fine feeling for melodies and aligning the guitar melody with pulsating bass and drums that pull it into the bridge and towering chorus. Top notch track with the vocals adding the raw and raunchy sleaze.


The overall output is sleazy rock with party allure and beer slamming grandeur. Calling out ,,Sin City” in party modus on ,,Drunk to Forget”, or swing the party axe full of swagger on the bass driven melodic ,,Never too Late”. ,,The Storm” is simple and genre benchmark, with a huge Hanoi Rocks vibe and Mötley punch. This name also comes to mind with the chants on the album’s closing track ,,Too Much is Never Enough”. Great guitar pitches and solos underneath a pulsating bass that pulls into a wonderful chorus. It is loud enough, yet balances on the melodic edge. Great!

,,Leaving Crystal” has keyboard opening with tasteful swirls and effects to take it into the slow mover and towering chorus. Sober orchestration it leans on the reverbing keys before powering up with intense bass and drum opening to a short tasteful guitar solo and memorable melody. ,,Sometimes” is more powerful as a rocker and finds new heights on the towering larger than life chorus. Pumping keys and sturdy driving riffs give it the needed kick. 

Sleazy RoXxX certainly rocks hard and powerful on this new album. They inject more melodies and slicker elements to appeal to a wider audience without lacking the nastiness the genre is so well known for. Bad mouthing and explicit lyrics are present with party element, as is the sophisticated melodic note. Clichés are key, but delivered with great thrive. I suppose it is Trinity herself on the cover of the sizzling album, summing up the band’s direction at the junction…

Definitely an album for the fans (Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar, etc) of the above mentioned. Not ground-breaking, but an album full of party-dose and melodies with some true gems on it

Release date June 3, 2022



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