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Almost three years ago Brazilian outfit Spektra, formed around vocalist BJ, made their debut with the excellent CD ‘Overload’.  BJ had been active as a sort right hand man of the mighty Jeff Scott Soto in the band Soto and he is currently also part of a reformed Talisman line-up to do some summer festivals in Europe. JSS on his turn helped out his friend doing back ground vocals and co-producing ‘Overload’ with Alessandro Del Vecchio, putting his stamp on that quite spectacular release.


BJ has kept the line-up for the second Spektra album intact which means that drummer Edu Cominato, guitarist Leo Mancini and bass player Henrique Canale are supporting BJ yet again on the eleven songs. Soto is also present as back up vocalist but this time it seems that his role is less prominent in comparison to ‘Overload’. The question is whether Spektra has managed to keep that high level that was so characteristic for ‘Overload’. It took me some time and several spins of ‘Hypnotized’ to conclude, that the singer and his band indeed have come up with another triumphant record.


With the energetic rocker ,,Freefall’’ Spektra comes blasting out of the gates. It is a melodic song with plenty of energy and a very catchy chorus, strong guitar work and BJ just belting it out. It is a level that Spektra manages to keep up as the album progresses. Especially guitarist Mancini is impressive with his riffing, his solos, and his melodic approach. He forms with Cominato and Canale the ultimate underground that BJ needs to spread his impressive pipes all over the album. The bulk of the album is filled with songs that have a catchy feel and towards the end of the record the level just keeps on rising with ,,Time Around Us’’ and the ballad ,,Different Me Outside’’ as most outstanding tracks. Jeff Scott Soto plays an important role with the vocal arrangements here and the solo by Mancini on ,,Different Me Outside’’ is just breathtaking.


‘Hypnotized’ did at first glance not have the same impact on me as ‘Overload’ did right from the start. That is no drama, I found that ‘Hypnotized’ (true to its title) did need some time but now I am truly hypnotized by this record that has classic ‘arena’ rock features but with a certain amount of depth in the songs that a lot of other similar style releases do not have. From start to finish an enjoyable record indeed.

Release date: 12 July 2024



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