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Just over a year ago German melodic power metal group Starchild released their third album ‘Battle Of Eternity’ and on that release guitarist/vocalist Sandro Giampietro and his three compadres had their shit together with good songs, a strong production and a pleasant sounding melodic sound with a metal bite. When the promo for ‘Magic Well’ reached my computer, I was curious to find out of Sandro and his band would be able to repeat their earlier efforts and surprise me once again.


With guest drummer Michael Ehre (Primal Fear) helping out in the studio (something that he has done before when the group recorded their first album) Starchild has recorded twelve melodic heavy rockers that overall show a bit more variety in comparison with ‘Battle Of Eternity’.  Yet again Starchild brings us a mix of melodic heavy rock and a good shot of power metal (,,The Golden Train’’), a ballad or two, some acoustic based work (,,I’ve Lost A Friend’’) and even in the form of the title-track ,,Magic Well’’ a song that has some Iron Maiden-influences.


Not that the band is shifting musical barriers with ‘Magic Well’ but all in all it is a very enjoyable record that has no real downers but could have used a few more uppers as the level is pretty steady indeed, if you ask me. But the fact that Starchild has managed to deliver a dozen of upright standing tracks is these days already a big achievement. If you liked ‘Battle Of Eternity’ ‘Magic Well’ will win you over straight away.

Release date: 8 December 2023



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