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Earache Records

Coming from party town number one Hollywood the formation The Bites saw the light of day some four years ago. Singer Jordan Tyler took the initiative to start this group together with drummer/producer Mark Hylander, bass player Zack Currier and the two guitarists Dustin Coon and Jono Richer. It seems a bit strange that the group ended up with English label Earache as that label was in their first years specialised in metal and more aggressive genres such as death metal with a band like Napalm Death being one of the flag bearers of the label. But a lot has changed and nowadays Earache is not afraid to look further than that by signing bands like The Dust Coda and now The Bites.


Although the music of The Bites on their first album ‘Squeeze’ is being described as retro garage rock, the band makes a bit of a different impression on me. With eleven songs that clock all between three-four minutes Jordan Tyler and his entourage go back to the heydays of bands like Poison, the Crue, Warrant and more of them party rockers. Sure, the musicians in The Bites do not look glam at all, they do know how to create a good party atmosphere. The songs are direct, to the point, high energy and I must admit most of the time attractive. You just can’t help tapping your feet while fast and high paced rockers such as ,,Knockin’ On The Door’’, ,,Do Me A Favor’’, ,,Squeeze’’, ,,Love Affair’’ or ,,Heather Leather’’ blast through your speakers. There is a certain catchiness there.


Is the music original? No, but it is brought with enthusiasm although we have heard it all before. But we heard it so long ago that the genre with what The Bites deliver here could make a (modest) comeback. Several of these groups still exist and tour but new records are these days hard to find. The Bites jumping in the gap that is there seems to be a good move. It might work out handsomely for them. ‘Squeeze’ is an album that brings a smile to your face. Comparisons with Greta Van Fleet and Dirty Honey that are being made by their label are somewhat far-fetched. Still, a good rock and roll record. Let see if these boys are just passers-by or that they are here to stay. The start is very promising!

Release date: 15 September 2023



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