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When the names of Glenn Hughes, Dave Holland and Mel Galley are mentioned most people would know them from bands like Deep Purple (Hughes), Judas Priest (Holland) and Whitesnake (Galley). The guys, got together in the UK band Finders Keepers in 1968. After the demise of that formation they would continue working together in the group Trapeze. A band that combined heavy rock with funk and a touch of soul.

They recorded several albums like ‘Medusa’ and were on their way to bigger things when Glenn Hughes was asked to join Deep Purple. Mel and Dave continued with other musicians. After a few years got a certain Peter Goalby in as new singer (later Uriah Heep) before calling it a day in the early eighties. Galley joined Whitesnake in 1982. Holland was active for Judas Priest, joining them for the album ‘British Steel’ in 1980 and staying for almost a decade.


Somewhere in the nineties Trapeze reunited for a UK reunion tour. It was a one of thing at the time. As you might know Mel Galley and Dave Holland have passed away. Galley had cancer and after spending several years in jail for sexual misconduct Dave Holland relocated to Spain where he died in 2016. Only Glenn Hughes is still with us. Alive and kicking and proving that age has had no influence on his musical adventures and his singing. His CV and discography have become impressive. Very recently there have been two CD Boxes released by Cleopatra Records entitled ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ and ‘Midnight Flyers’ containing all the official albums and live-registrations the band made in their time.


Well, the ‘Lost Tapes Vol. 1’ is a bunch of recordings made throughout the years with Hughes, Galley and Goalby singing the songs. Mel Galley had given his older brother Tom Galley (the man behind the Phenomena project) these tapes for safekeeping. When he knew he only had a short time left on this earth Tom promised his brother that he would do something with them in due course, being helped by Trapeze manager Tony Perry. Obviously, we are talking here about songs that might be considered as ‘left overs’.

The fourteen tracks might sound somewhat old but do not let that put you off. There are a few very good tracks to be heard. Like the heavy rocker ,,Breakdown’’ with great vocals by Glenn Hughes and opener ,,Cool Water’’, sung by Peter Goalby and also very impressive. The fact that Tom Galley and Tony Perry have further worked on the songs makes the 14 tracks album sound reasonably good, give or take a few moments. For a fan of Trapeze ‘Lost Tapes Vol. 1’ is certainly worthwhile listening to.


Trapeze might not have broken though like a Whitesnake, Judas Priest or Deep Purple did in their day. But do not underestimate the importance of the careers of the individual members in the rock genre. And do not be surprised if in a while or so a ‘Lost Tapes Vol.2’ might see the light of day. Maybe only a release for the happy few but if you are a fan of Glenn Hughes this record is certainly worthwhile having.

Release date: 17 November 2023



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