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Over five years ago legendary UK band Trespass returned to the front with their album Footprints In The Rock’. Connoisseurs and people that have been around in this business for several decades know that the band around guitarist/singer Mark Sutcliffe started out in 1979 and was one of the front runners of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, gaining two spots on the ‘Metal For Muthas II’ compilation album with the tracks ,,Storm Child’’ and ,,One Of These Days’’. It took the band ages to release a full album (‘Head’) and by then they were running behind and never caught up. After working under the banner Blue Blud for a while the band disbanded only to make a comeback with Sutcliffe at the helm again. But ‘Footprints In The Rock’ was only decent, yet far from brilliant.


We are now more than five years further and Mark Sutcliffe, drummer Jason Roberts, guitarist Joe Fawcett and latest recruit Wil Wilmont (bass) are back with an eleven-track record entitled ‘Wolf At The Door’. In a way it is a carbon copy of ‘Footprints In The Rock’. It pains me to have to conclude that Trespass has not managed to upgrade their sound, has not improved production and that the songs are without a lot of fantasy.

I know that Mark Sutcliffe has never been the best singer in the business but he should seriously consider finding someone who can do a better job if he is going to continue with his band. It is so monotonous what he produces, so flat. The only thing that comes across is the guitar work of Mark and Joe but that is by far not enough to be able to recommend this release. Only suitable for the fanatic fans of the group but I think even they will be disappointed. This really hurts….

Release date: 26 May 2023



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