Blog | Hardline – The Inside May 2023 Tour Story


So here we are again, one month after Rock Meets Classic I am back on the road again. This time with Hardline. I go back with Hardline a long time, so follow me for a short lesson in history. Back to 1992… there was no Internet, hard rock was still dominating the airwaves. Next to radio we had MTV. They were playing music from all sorts and Sunday night had Headbanger’s Ball presented by Vanessa Warwick. So before Jackass (although I loved Jackass) and Cribs and all the dating formats they turned them into later on. As in where the M was still for Music. I was always recording Headbanger’s Ball on my VCR so I could watch it later. They were broadcasting it way too late on Sunday evening and Monday was a school day…Yes I was still attending school in 1992 (I graduated 92).


Header photo courtesy of Marty Punch