Interview | Ashley Wolfe – Guitarist & Singer of Blind Man’s Daughter

The album `Sundressed’ channelled emotions predominantly before it discharged its progressive quirkiness and musical finesses. Blind Man’s Daughter landed an interesting collection of refreshing progressive rock songs that touched with the heaviest of metal, the heaviest of rock and pop, as well as the most luxurious jazz structures. This variety is far from contemporary, widening the musical horizon of many listeners. Not shying away from experimental outings, the band around bass player ReVv and main songwriter Ashley Wolfe only one full album in, is rediscovering their own uniqueness with the brand new single ,,Close Enough to Whisper”. Touching the ambient waves channelling deep emotions into the inner self, Wolfe displays a unique skill: bringing the music directly into the heart and mind of its listener. Time to light the candles, pour a good single malt, and listen to this talented and radiant personality….