Live | CoreLeoni (& Modern Day Heroes) – Rockfabrik – Übach-Palenberg [GER]

15 January 2024

Monday 15 January CoreLeoni were at the Rockfabrik Übach Palenberg. They are currently on tour to promote their latest live album ‘Alive’. “Alive on Tour” takes the band to about 13 venues, with an emphasis on Germany and Switzerland.

Somehow it still hasn’t sunk in with people that you just have to see this band if you like Gotthard. Especially the material that we know from their first 3 records. Those albums were the basis for founder Leo Leoni to form this band. After all, much of the material from the first Gotthard records is not played live these days and so he founded CoreLeoni in 2018. Meanwhile, we are 3 records and a live record further and we can also enjoy the band’s original tracks!


First Modern Day Heroes played a 45-minute set to warm up the audience. To be honest, these Swiss guys are not lacking in enthusiasm, but the quality leaves much to be desired. It is therefore not easy to report many positive things about them and I will refrain from doing so. Nice that they accompany CoreLeoni on this tour, but they add nothing. Sorry guys.


Fortunately, at 9:15 pm, we hear the first tones of CoreLeoni’s intro pop out of the speakers and can look forward to an old school pot of Rock and Roll with deep Gotthard roots.

The people in the moderately filled Rockfabrik [which probably also has to do with the Monday night] get what they came for. A top show! It kicks off with ,,Sister Moon’’ [G.], ,,Like It Or Not’’ [III] and ,,She Goes Down’’ [Dial Hard]. The sound is fantastic and it’s just a joy hearing these songs live again, but what really finishes it off is singer Eugent Bushpepa’s voice. This guy just has a great voice, which at times comes damn close to the sound of Steve Lee [RIP], yet also has enough individuality to not be a cheap copycat.

They continue with ,,Wake Up Call’’ [III], ,,In The Name’’ [G.] and ,,Standing In The Light’’ [Gotthard]. It is clear that the audience is completely out of their minds. I’ve written it before and do it again now. This is the band that comes closest to the original Gotthard sound these days. Leo was on a mission to bring that sound back to the stage and with the help of Igor Gianola [Guitar], Alex Motta [Drums], Mila Merker [Bass] and vocalist Eugent Bushpepa, he absolutely succeeded. That does make me very happy and the rest of the audience clearly agreed with me.


Everyone is enjoying themselves, and I include the band, because they are having a blast on the stage.  Wonderful to see a band so enthusiastic at work. The trip down memory lane continues with ,,DownTown’’ [Gotthard], ,,Firedance’’ [Gotthard] and ,,Movin On’’ [G.]. And yes, during ,,Firedance’’, guitarists Leo and Igor again have their outing among the audience and do their guitar duel there.

Moving on with ,,Guilty Under Pressure’’ [III], ,,Let It Be’’ [G.], ,,Let Life Begin Tonight’’ [III] and ,,Would You Love Me’’ [III].
We may slowly get ready for the finale with ,,Mountain Mama’’ [Dial Hard], ,,Purple Dynamite’’ [III], including drum solo. Alex may be a talented drummer, but the solo added nothing. Perhaps the only moment my attention momentarily sank during this show. They finish the regular set with ,,All We Are ‘’ [Lipservice].


For the encore, however, we got to get ready for ,,Fist In Your Face’’ [G.], ,,Good Time Lover’’ [Dial Hard].

CoreLeoni gave a high-quality show and this band would also stand their ground in a concert hall with 5000+ people. Despite the moderate turnout in terms of audience, 100% was still given. And that is only worth a compliment. Yes, the set is largely made up of Gotthard classics, but fair is fair the CoreLeoni originals are also very digestible!!!

Once again, this band is actually mandatory stuff and apparently still not everyone has realized that. Thanks for this top Monday night!!! My advice? Go and see CoreLeoni on tour!!!

All photos by Raymond Helebrand



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