Live | Danko Jones (& Los Pepes) – Luxor Live-Arnhem [NL]

27 November 2023

Last week Canadian rockers Danko Jones played at the Luxor Live, a beautiful venue, from which history dripped. This originally theater opened sometime in the 1930s. Truly a wonderful place to play.


To Los Pepes the task to warming up the audience. With their high energy/ edge of punk rock and roll, the atmosphere was set quickly and it became clear why this band got the opening spot. Singer/guitarist Ben Perrier certainly has what it takes to get the crowd up to speed nicely for the main act.

Songs like ,,Guilty Pleasures’’, ,,Perfect Word’’ and ,,Never Get It Right’’ popped nicely into the well-filled room. And that on a Monday night!!!


After a short change over it was time for the evening’s main act. After a powerful introduction by Boozy [friend of the band] Danko Jones kicked off full throttle with ,,Guess Who’s Back’’ and ,,Get High?’’.

John Calabrese

The sound is sublime and the atmosphere on stage is super and this is reflected in the enthusiastic audience. As always, bassist JC [John Calabrese] and drummer Rich Knox provide a solid foundation. Danko then gets to finish it off with his highly energetic powerful vocals and guitar playing. In that respect, the title of their album ‘Power Trio’ is absolutely true. This is a well-oiled machine.

Rich Knox

Not so strange, because after more than 25 years on stages around the globe and 12 studio records, we can say that Danko Jones is an established name in the rock scene. With an ever growing number of fans!


In between songs Danko humorously talks everything together and halfway through the set he even jokes that the band hasn’t made any playing mistakes [Fuck ups as he calls them], which is strange for a real rock concert. Of course with a big wink, because the thread is picked up just as fast to continue full throttle.

The only negative thing I can say about this gig is that it ended way too quickly. Sometimes you have these gigs that start and suddenly you think, is it over yet? Oh yes, it’s been an hour and a half and that time has flown by.

If you’ve never seen Danko Jones live, go see them next time they’re around!!! Because this band ALWAYS delivers!!!


Guess Who’s Back
Get High?
I’m in a Band
I Gotta Rock
Lipstick City
First Date
I Want Out
Code of the Road
Good Time
You Are My Woman
Play the Blues
Full of Regret
Had Enough
The Twisting Knife
My Little RnR  


Mango Kid
Shake Your City

All photos by Raymond Helebrand



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