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10 & 11 May 2024

May 10 and 11 it was time for the 2024 edition of Wildfest. This party for lovers of sleaze/melodic metal has made a name for itself over the years and attracts visitors and bands from all over the world. There was even press from Canada present and with Catalano the organization managed to book a band from Australia. In addition, also this year Wildfest knows how to guarantee the convivial atmosphere of a festival where you always run into those acquaintances, and even the somewhat homely atmosphere. Musically, there was plenty to offer again this year, so fast forward to day 1 of this 2-day party.



Mädhouse was the band to kick off Wildfest on Friday. Singer Tommy Lovelace and his crew had decided to do that with a bang. Delightfully enthusiastic and energetic, these musicians flew across the stage. They were certainly enjoying themselves and the audience was already there in fine numbers to cheer these guys from Vienna, Austria on. A fun act that rocked 40 minutes to their credit.

Kim Jennett

As a second act, the organization managed to secure UK-based singer Kim Jennett & band. This powerhouse lady who also sang in Voodoo Blood has managed to gather a wonderfully tight band around her. There is no question that Kim was in the mood for this performance, as she too moves across the stage like a whirlwind. Her vocals are constantly ON and the performance had a high, don’t whine but just play level, which always appeals to me personally. The sound and lighting, by the way, are also fine and always contribute to a great performance.

They closed the set with ,,Immigrant Song’’ by Led Zeppelin. I am very curious to see how this act will develop, because it has all the ingredients to become a fine main act. In any case, I am going to keep an eye on this Kim, because before Wildfest I had never heard of this act. Now I certainly have!


DeVicious – Markus Kullmann

Germany-based DeVicious is next on the menu. What’s nice to see, by the way, is that despite the fact that the audience is almost in its entirety between acts, they are going to enjoy the lovely sunshine that is there. When the next band gets started, the audience is also just back in to cheer on the bands. DeVicious represents a fine pot of Melodic Hardrock. For this Wildfest gig they had Markus Kullmann on drums with them. The man who, among other things, is also behind the drum kit at Voodoo Circle & Hartmann. Whether Markus is now also a permanent part of this fine orchestra is not clear to me, but in any case, DeVicious’s performance was well done. Whether it is an act I would drive specially to see, I do not know, but at Wildfest I found them extremely entertaining. 


Then after another short change over, it’s time for House Band and co-organizers Wildheart to put down their annual Wildfest set. Annual? Yes, because Wildheart is a regular part of the festival. And fair is fair, the likeable Belgians have earned that spot. Yes, and they can also count on the necessary feedback from the audience present, because of course they know this band. As always, the guys play a solid set of melodic rock. And let’s not forget that Wildheart has been around for 10 years and is really a keeper in the Belgian melodic rock scene. Thanks again for your great performance, but most of all, it should be mentioned that without this band and their countless efforts during the festival, Wildfest would probably not exist. Thanks guys!



Catalano from Australia is one of the acts that much of the audience has been looking forward to seeing. These Sleazy Rockers [like any band really] are also pretty eager to leave a lasting mark on this edition of Wildfest. The band around Roxx Catalano [ex-De La Cruz] plays a delicious pot of Glam rock and manages to warm up the audience to a boiling point first. In terms of vocals, Roxx can be compared to the voice of Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott. And that in itself should be a compliment. The band plays tight and we get songs from both their albums ‘`Dark Skies’ and `Nightfighter’, but also new songs like ,,Reckless Abandon’’ and ,,Go To Hell’’. A surprising act that certainly won’t be familiar to everyone, but if you like 80s influenced heavy hard rock, you should definitely give Catalano a chance.

The Cruel Intensions

Swedish rockers The Cruel Intentions consisting of frontman Lizzy DeVine, bassist Mats Wernerson, drummer Robin Nilsson and lead guitarist Kristian Nygaard Solhaug have the honor of being the penultimate band of the first day of Wildfest. Here again we have another band that could further develop into a main act, as far as I am concerned. Their mix of Sleaze Rock with a Guns N’ Roses meets Sex Pistols sauce is put down extremely tightly. In addition, the gentlemen also try to optically distinguish themselves by their appearance.

The Cruel Intensions

The set list of the band consists mainly of songs from their last 2 albums `No Sign Of Relief’ and `Venomous Anonymus’. AND of course we can’t forget their most recent single ,,White Line Denied’’. A fine performance as far as I’m concerned and certainly one that sticks and that’s what matters. The audience was cooking again!


Tyketto – Danny Vaughn

Closing out the first day is none other than Tyketto. The band around singer Danny Vaughn is on their 2nd run with this lineup. Where last year they managed to surprise me with their quality setlist, this time it was actually the same again. Danny has managed to gather a steady lineup around him. Drummer Johnny Dee is mainly known from Doro, but was also a bandmate of Danny’s in the 80s with the band Waysted. Of which we can hear another song this time in the form of ,,Heroes Die Young’’. But also bassist Chris Childs [Thunder], guitarist Harry Scott Elliot [Chez Kane] and keyboardist Ged Rylands make sure that timeless classics like ,,Wings’’, ,,Burning Down Inside’’ and ,,Strength In Numbers’’ are put down in an enchanting way.


Mr. Vaughn only seems to get better with age, so vocally it is also wonderful to see this top band at work. I have heard from a reliable source that the band is busy writing new songs. Let us hope that they come up with a top album soon because Tyketto 2024 is alive and kicking and a rightful end to the first day of Wildfest.



Kicking off Day 2 was done by Dirty Toy Company from Belgium and Sextrow from Germany. Personally, I felt that these bands haven’t really found a clear shape yet in terms of musical style, but fair is fair, the audience in attendance is already interacting nicely with the guys and in the end that’s what it’s all about.

Trench Dogs

It is their first show in Belgium and Trench Dogs from Sweden presented a mix of Glam rock, rock and roll. In terms of looks, the guys hark back to the glam heyday. A fine performance, but not really memorable either. On to Graywolf. 

Graywolf is a band hailing from Switzerland. With savvy musicians on board, having played for bands like Celtic Frost, Emerald and Pure IncMusically they tap from a classic ‘hard’ rock keg. There is no shortage of enthusiasm and it feels as if the audience has started to come in, in full numbers on this second day of Wildfest.


And that means that both days could count on a nice crowd. Although the festival would certainly deserve to be sold out with the overall quality experience on offer. And I’m not just talking about the musical offerings, but the entire experience of this convivial festival.


Toxic Rose – Andy Lipstixx

Toxic Rose‘s glam rockers from Sweden raised the musical bar for the first time of the day. Clad in their black leather suits, bodies painted anthracite black and white faces, Toxic Rose at least visually offer a show experience. And musically, it is all fine what is offered as well. Drummer Michael Sweet stands out the most as far as I’m concerned. Good drummer with fat charisma.

Toxic Rose – Michael Sweet

Vocalist Andy Lipstixx, bassist Johannes Sandberg and guitarist Tom Wouda also master their instruments and songs like ,,Domination’’, ,,Blood On Blood’’ and ,,Set Me Free’’ are performed in a solid way by the foursome. And the audience clearly enjoys this show.

GATC – Girish Pradhan

The gentlemen of the next band from India are a couple to keep an eye on. Although I must say they do deserve a small award for the longest lasting and least professional soundcheck of these two days of Wildfest. But once they started their show, the fire is on!!! We are of course talking about the band Girish and the Chronicles also known as GATC. They were definitely one of the surprises for me in terms of quality. I had never heard of them before, but what this four-piece brought, did make me happy. Singer/guitarist Girish Pradhan has a wonderful voice and insane vocal range.

GATC – Yogesh Pradhan

Bassist Yogesh Pradhan makes his bass roar like crazy and guitarist Suraz Sun looks like Jake E Lee’s younger brother. Damn, it is solid like a rock what is on offer and that also transfers to the audience. Songs like ,,Ride To Hell’’, ,,Born With A Big Attitude’’ and ,,Hail To The Heroes’’ can count on a good reception. Definitely a band I’m going to keep an eye on.


Crashdïet – John Elliot

The next top act of this Day 2 is Sweden’s Crashdïet. Not long ago it was announced that vocalist Gabriel Keyes had left the band. Confess singer John Elliot is now the front man of these Glam rockers with an attitude. And John does this job more than excellently. Drummer Michael Sweet is behind the drum kit for a second time today, as this man had double duty playing in both Toxic Rose and Crashdïet. Guitarist Martin Sweet and bassist Peter London complete the foursome.

Crashdïet – Martin Sweet [l] & Peter London [r]

The musical set offered is an excellent way for people who did not know the band to get to know them. Because almost all the albums were touched on during the set list. That John has recently joined the band was not apparent, because Crashdïet was simply an engine firing on all cylinders. From opener ,,Knokk ’em Down’’ to closing ,,Generation Wild’’, they managed to hold the attention of the audience. People were singing along loudly and for me Crashdïet was THE band of day two! 


The New Roses – Timmy Rough

It was up to The New Roses from Germany to close this fine edition of Wildfest on Day 2. The band around singer Timmy Rough has become an established act in the Melodic Hard Rock genre. And also, here at Wildfest they know how to deliver their business card again. The band is professional and knows how to put on a show. In other words, The New Roses was definitely a good ending of the festival. After the intro ,,Pretty Woman’’ by Roy Orbinson, the Roses start with ,,The Usual Suspects’’ and from there the songs fly through the hall like a rocket. The audience gets to enjoy one more time of a class act. And so do I.

The New Roses

After this gig it was time to go home again with a satisfied feeling and I think I can speak for everyone who was at Wildfest that also this 2024 edition was one with enough highlights and, perhaps most importantly, a super atmosphere. Once again, the organization succeeded in putting together a great festival. Curious what will be in the musical barrel of Wildfest in 2025. So….

 ….on to edition 2025 as far as I’m concerned!!!



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