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‘Follow The Blind Man’ is the first full length album by Jelusick. Well, actually not, because of course this band has already released the album ‘Bite’ and the EP ‘To The Roots’ under the name Animal Drive. Basically this is the same band. The Croatian band around singer/keyboardist Dino Jelusick, who has managed to build up a nice resume in a relatively short time. Among others as vocalist with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, backing vocalist with Whitesnake, an album with none other than George Lynch under the name Dirty Shirley and much more. Jelusick is a busy man so to speak. However, that does not take away from the fact that he is certainly not the only talented guest in this orchestra. On the contrary, guitarist Ivan Keller and drummer Mario Lepoglavec spent most of last year on the road with Marco Mendoza. And bassist Luka Broderick also knows how to make a nice pot of music.


So here we are definitely not dealing with a beginners band from Croatia, but with a bunch of über talented young musicians, who master their instruments more than average.
Leading up to the release of ‘Follow The Blind Man’, we were already allowed to enjoy a few previews in the form of singles.


That Dino Jelusick is blessed with a powerful voice may be clear, Ivan is a driven string picker. The bass and drum section is super tight. The result is therefore a well-produced album, with heavy riffs, power vocals, and also an eye for melody. Some of the riffs you would expect to hear from more power/ thrash metal related bands. This also makes listening a bit difficult for me personally, because somewhere I miss the bands identity a bit. For me it’s like Jelusick is running at 140% of their power all the time. Yes there are also some quiet songs on the record. Like surprisingly the title track ,,Follow The Blind Man’’, which just has a build up to a power ballad pure sang or piano ballad ,,The Bitter End’’.


Yet, despite the fine musical craftsmanship, the album cannot touch me. Sometimes I think the less is more concept applies here. Here and there it’s as if no soul was put into the art. ‘Follow The Blind Man’ is certainly a good album, but for my taste there’s just too much happening in too short a time, and I can’t shake that feeling after numerous listens. Often on an album you have a kind of ignition song. The song that grabs you and doesn’t let go. I’m missing that song here.


Again, Jelusick’s musical craftsmanship is of the highest order and ‘Follow The Blind Man’ is a fine album, but doesn’t manage to grab me. Perhaps it will during live performances, because I do have a soft spot for this band.

Come on guys write that song that grabs me by the throat and won’t let go!!!

Release date: 20 September 2023



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