Review | Revolution Saints – Against The Winds

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Not even a year ago Revolution Saints released their fourth album ‘Eagle Flight’ introducing new guitarist Joel Hoekstra and new bass player Jeff Pilson. The duo replaced Doug Aldrich and Jack Blades. Only singer/drummer Deen Castronovo (the man around who this whole project is focussed) remained together with producer/keyboardist and main song writer Alessandro Del Vecchio. ‘Eagle Flight’ was a slightly heavier and darker record in comparison with the third album ‘Rise’. The only point of criticism was that towards the end of the record some songs became a bit stale.


Within a year Revolution Saints has made a quick return with their fifth release ‘Against The Winds’. The musical formula has been kept intact. With eleven melodic, classic rock tinted rockers and AOR ballads, built around the great voice of Deen Castronovo. The surprise might be gone a bit. The sheer quality of the music, the excellent singing of Deen and the guitar exploits of Joel Hoekstra are a guarantee that ‘Against The Winds’ comes up trumps. Also because this time the formation has made sure that the song material is quite consistent. Add to that a strong song sequence and you are confronted with an album that is entertaining, hard rocking, melodic and certainly very energetic. I have enjoyed this from starter ,,Against The Winds’’ until the album closer ,,No Turning Back’’. To put it in a nutshell: another highlight for and from Revolution Saints!

Release date: 24 February 2024



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