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The Return of Moos

Edwin, how long has it been?

It’s a question marking the absence of friends, colleagues in writing, partners in HBLS-in crime. 

Drizzling rain falls on us, but it cannot ruin the mood. We have planned to meet at a local BBQ-restaurant, prior to a radio show on which he is featured. We embrace, hug and shake hands. The radio host is his cousin, also involved in music as a DJ, radio host, booker and promoter, much like he is. ‘He’ is one of the real godfathers of Dutch hard rock and heavy metal, founding member of one of the very first metal magazines; Aardschok magazine. Aside that he was one of the driving forces behind a scene erupting, managing bands like Highway Chile and Helloïse, close to breaking big. ‘He’ is our main contributor and writer extraordinaire; Michel van de Moosdijk!


He is one of the main influencers of my personal musical taste developing in the 80s and 90s. His reviews were benchmark to my catalogue expanding, and reviews topping 80+ points on the 100-scale all landed in my collection. From Riverdogs to GNP, and from Lee Aaron to Raven in the old days. In these early days he was the foundation under my growing vinyl collection reaching 1.500 titles when I stopped counting, the initiator of my demo-collection of the past. Later this all changed into a 4.500+ cd collection with countless classic titles he provided. From Dream Theater’s `When Dream and Day Unite’ all the way to Biloxi’s `Let the Games Begin’. Michel’s reviews proven to make the bands land deep in my DNA. 


Moos left The Netherlands twice and returned once to reboot the engines of the magazine. Accidentally. Spending one year down under he returned to find his magazines falling into demise. Him and his co-conspirators got everything back on track, leading to the magazines most joyful years. Most dominant years as well, laying down the blueprint for hard rock and heavy metal magazines for many decades to come. His contributions and his acquisitional skills binding advertisers to the magazine, created a foundation from which bands and fans benefit. 

The second time he left he settled in Australia for good only to return every once in a while, to meet up with his family and friends. Last time he was around, 7 years ago, we missed each other due to non-matching agendas. This time however things were planned better, and I folded my time schedule around his presence. 


Tonight, we enjoy a good meal together, prior to the radio show he attends as co-host with his nephew Bas ‘Sjerruf’ Aldenzee. This evening we exchange stories and revert to our younger years. Stories about the rise and fall of bands, the demise of printed formats and the rise of the webzines. How time shifts shape and how we all change and grow older. How we all remain loyal to our genre and especially; to the bands we love and have always cherished. Through the good and bad!

Highway Chile

Stories with loads of smiles and laughter, easily a book full. Getting together and juggling the timeline of rock and metal and the evolution of the magazine in his fond memories. His days with Highway Chile, crashing in the kitchen past midnight, encountering the head coach from his favorite local 2nd division football team. The night was endless, as are the fond memories of the moment. His love and passion for music aligns with his love for the game. His immense mind storing the data of bands, musicians, managers, writers, as well as football. 


His recollection of the timelines, from founding the days of the printed magazine and its irregular release in the early days, into the demanding days when they were taken over by Metal Hammer magazine who expanded into European domain. How Aardschok became the defining stubborn benchmark amidst the genre sprouting new magazines like Rockhard, Kerrang, and many others.

Aardschok as a fortress and stronghold for the ages, proving its entrepreneurship and lasting impact on the scene. How Metallica and King Diamond made their way to the magazine. How Roadrunner Records became mandatory to keep the magazine alive. How they and their magazine provided the foundation for the Aardschok festival featuring the up-and-coming names in metal. Him and Metal Mike (van Rijswijk); their countless trips and the experiences meeting artists and idols. Paving the way for Queensrÿche, Venom, and many others. From the trip to meet with his friend Greg Godovitz of Goddo-fame, all the way to the days of the encounter with Rob Halford in Amsterdam, where they shot the clip for “Johnny B-Good”, rallying up the local fans of Dynamo to create the audience for the video. 

Days with lots of laughter and absurd situations, days when these Dutchies carved their names in the realms of hard rock and heavy metal forever, going head-to-head with the biggest authors in the scene. 


Photo by Ronald den Dekker

Never a dull moment, never scared to lose their moral high ground. Outspoken, fierce and bold, they took pride in their work. They were the stance of hard rock. 

True to their gut, loyal to the genre’s legacy and history. We have fun while Moos enjoys his Boeren Schnitzel (farmer’s Schnitzel) together with his cousin. I delve into my slices of smoked pork belly, hanging on his lips. The anecdotes make me and Sjerruf laugh constantly, Moos clearly enjoying his feelgood vibes. Enjoying his moment. The momentum is intense, and we celebrate life and the love for our beloved genres, promising to stay loyal to our believes discovering new bands and acts to differentiate from the masses. We promise you that. He will meet up with our editors Liselotte and Ron later this week, and he will ensure to convey our promise, establishing our metal and lifestyle webzine as one of the flag-bearers for the future. We remain obscure… but we remain!

How long it was?
It was 1995 we last met, and 29 years have passed since. 



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