Review | Baroness – Stone

Abraxan Hymns

Baroness are back and they are delivering their most complex album of their career. Spheric melodies are paired with kick ass guitar riffs. After five records over the last thirteen years with a specific color code (Red, Blue, Yellow & Green, Purple, Gold & Grey), the era of colors seem to be over and the new album title might show a different direction and future of the band’s overall sound.

‘Stone’ is definitely not a color, but describes the sound of the new album pretty good. It sounds as been written behind stone walls in a secret basement with wizards and witches and lots of magic potions.

Once again Baroness is going its own path by self-producing and releasing the album through their own independent label. Who needs a label if you have the power of creativity in your own hands?

‘Stone’ is definitely not an album to break the charts, but for sure an album for the fans and the lovers of high quality music.

Release date: 15 September 2023



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