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Three years ago, I reviewed ‘Metal Commando’, Primal Fear’s last album and now Germany’s metal greatest return with ‘Code Red’. Again an album filled with excellent songs that combine heaviness with melody. Let’s face it, these guys never released a truly weak album in their entire career! However, the first single of this album, ,,Another Hero”, features guitar riffs galore that I have heard a couple of times before and it seems to me that Primal Fear is hashing out old ideas… It is a very dull and cliché kind of track, but, on the other hand, a typical Primal Fear headbanger.

But the band always delivers decent power metal goods. Songs like ,,Cancel Culture”, ,,Fearless” and ,,Raged By Pain” are really good stuff for power metal heads, which is mainly due to the fantastic powerful vocals of Ralf Scheepers, who really saves the day for Primal Fear on ‘Code Red’.


The guitar army, consisting of Tom Naumann, Alexander Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson, is not really very original – where did I hear those riffs before?? –  in the guitar riffs/hooks department, but that will always be the case – I fear (LOL) –  with Primal Fear and lots of other German power metal bands. Of course there is also the always obligatory ballad. On ‘Code Red’ it is called ,,Forever”, which on my behalf could be left from the album as I certainly heard a so-called power metal ballad like this before from Primal Fear.

So, again, just like on ‘Metal Commando,’ their previous album, there are absolutely no musical surprises whatsoever, but fans of Primal Fear and good old-fashioned power metal will love ‘Code Red’ as it is. According to the band’s label: a power metal rebirth in a hailstorm of riffs. So, check it out and play it LOUD.

Release date: 1 September 2023



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