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In 2021 I reviewed ‘And The Beauty They Perceive’ of Teramaze and one year later their tenth studio album ‘Flight Of The Wounded’. That one was really their strongest album so far; being a 100% melodic prog metal gem! We are two years further down the road and Down Under’s best prog metal band releases their new album called: ‘A Wonderful Fall From Grace’.

I could be very short about this one as it is definitely their best album ever. The band – Dean Wells (guitar, vocals), Nathan Peachey (vocals), Andrew Cameron (bass guitar), Nick Ross (drums), Jon Beckx (guitars) and Jonah Weingarten (keys) – really shines on this one! The music is again an almost perfect mix of the music of Symphony-X, Shadow Gallery, Vanden Plas, Dream Theater and Threshold. So, a blend of elements of progressive, thrash and melodic metal; featuring most of all, intricate melodies, powerful rhythms and amazing guitar solos by mister Wells.


‘A Wonderful Fall From Grace’ is a concept album that finishes the trilogy of their HALO storyline, following the albums ‘Her HALO’ (2015) and ‘Sorella Minore’ (2021). The short (1:15) opening track ,,A Place Called Halo” features a piano intro and some talking. It is followed by the first highlight of this album called ,,The Will Of Eli”. This impressive track is defined by the instrumental heavy second half which features real classic prog guitar soloing, while the vocals of Peachey – who returned to Teramaze – are truly emotional and his voice adds another dimension to the sound of the band.


,,Step Right Up”, clocking in over just eight minutes, is THE highlight of this album, featuring truly glorious melodic guitar solos galore. ,,Madam Roma” is one of the heavy songs of this album. Although this one, sad but true, also features some angry shouts and chugs, it is an awesome track with lots of solos and great singing. Teramaze saves something for the second half of the album. ,,Hands Are Tied” (check out the heavenly guitar solo) is a beautiful lengthy piano/keys driven prog ballad with fantastic vocals from Wells, while ,,Standing Ovation” is an up-tempo rocker with again a remarkable guitar solo.


Last song is the epic fourteen-minute title track. Another milestone in Teramaze’s career, being a true prog metal rollercoaster, where you can enjoy an excellent interplay between the two singers Peachey and Wells and of course extraordinary instrumental passages galore, ending this album in style. Although I could have done without the saxophone solo….


Overall ‘A Wonderful Fall From Grace’ is an album to cherish. I am sure that it will end up in my list of top ten albums of the year 2024, as Teramaze’s music is true prog metal with lots of melody. It is especially the guitar work of Wells thar really males me a fan from these guys from Down Under. A MUST have album for prog metal fans and of course play it LOUD!! Listening tip: ,,Step Right Up.”

Release date: 24 May 2024



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