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This year the British rockers of FM are celebrating the fact that the band is 40 years young. When they entered the scene with their first album ‘Indiscreet’, they entered with a bang as their melodic, luscious rock sound was fresh and original. Four decades later singer/guitarist Steve Overland, bass player Merv Goldsworthy, drummer Pete Jupp (with Merv and Steve a co-founder member), guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick and keyboardist Jem Davis took stock and have now delivered ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, an album that can be seen as a sort of a compilation of four decades of FM. No, they are not rehashing old songs and put them in a new and modern sounding jacket. All compositions are brand new but the atmosphere/vibe of the album is similar to what the band has brought to us in those four decades.


Where the band sounded overall a bit heavier on their 2022 record ‘Thirteen’ it must be said that ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ at times goes back to the first years of their career. Especially the first track, ,,Out Of The Blue’’ could have been one of the songs on ‘Indiscreet’ with its melodic and catchy features. And that goes for several other songs as well. As always, the band guarantees variety galore and this time it is no different. With ,,Lost’’, ,,Leap Of Faith’’ and  ,,Another Day In My World’’ FM rocks hard but always with a beautiful melody taking centre stage, there is a bit of blues rock there in the form of ,,Black Water’’, there is plenty to pick from.


What you might hold against the record perhaps is that FM is playing it safe here. There are no real musical risks taken, it all sounds typical FM. Like stated elsewhere in this review, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ reflects the career of the band with a mix of AOR, melodic rock, a touch of blues and well worked out vocal arrangements. An album made on the automatic pilot? Not quite, as sound, production and performances are of the highest standard. It is not that adventurous perhaps but what the band can be proud of is the fact that in all these years not one mediocre album has been released and that also goes for ‘Old Habits Die Hard’. Familiar, reliable, entertaining and way above average.

Release date: 3 May 2024



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