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The last two albums of UK rockers Lionheart (‘Second Nature’ and ‘The Reality Of Miracles’) were superb in all of their aspects. Great melodic sound, energetic, well-structured songs plus a whirlwind of epic choruses and choirs. But if you look at the C.V.’s of the musicians involved that might not have been so surprising. Lee Small is now being seen as one of the finest UK rock singers with recent albums with bands and projects like Kings Crown and Atack after delivering a stunning album under his own moniker entitled ‘The Last Man On Earth’.

Steve Mann (guitar/keys/production) has been working closely with Michael Schenker the last couple of years. Guitarist Dennis Stratton, bass player Rocky Newton and drummer Clive Edwards have earned their laurels with bands like Iron Maiden, MSG, Wild Horses, Airrace, UFO and Uli Jon Roth. Lionheart is a band consisting of seasoned musicians and it shows on ‘The Grace Of A Dragonfly’.


If you are familiar with the last two records you will find that ‘The Grace Of A Dragonfly’ is a logic continuation. Style wise not much has changed. The emphasis is put on melodic rock songs with enough grit. And as is tradition with this group the lead and background vocals are absolutely to die for. This is a band with a certain amount of punch in their vocal arrangements that not many bands operating today have as well. But also, the guitar parts by Mann and Stratton are extremely cool and an important ingredient of the dynamic music.


In the early stages of writing the band decided to come up with a concept. This album is about the Second World War but at the same time it is an anti-war album as well. Tribute is being paid to the many victims, the people that fell to protect the freedom we have today. In Lee Small Lionheart has the right singer on board. One who can translate the concept into emotional singing parts that really take you by the throat and make you think long and hard about the situation then but with today’s state of the world also about the situation now.


The conclusion is simple and obvious. This album matches its two predecessors for a full one hundred percent. ‘The Grace Of A Dragonfly’ is (yet again) a must have release for folks who are into energetic melodic rock. All eleven songs are as good as each other. It is a varied and evenly matched release by a band with imagination, power, and a unique feel for vocal arrangements. It is a blast from start to finish and a very early highlight in 2024.

Release date: 23 February 2024



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