Review | Magnum – Here Comes The Rain


After reviewing `Escape From The Shadow Garden’, the 18th studio album of Magnum, I kind of lost track of the band, but why is still a great mystery to me.

Now, ten years later I am “honoured” and pleased to review Magnum’s 23rd studio album called ‘Here Comes The Rain’, as it is again a musical melodic pop rock gem of the highest order. The two C’s , being of course Tony Clarkin (guitar) and Bob Catley (vocals) have done it again, as for me this album is as strong and epic as Magnum’s older top notch albums like ‘Kingdom Of Madness’ (1978), ‘On A Storyteller’s Night’ (1985) and ‘Wings Of Heaven’, their 7th studio album released way back in 1988!


Of course, do not expect any great musical innovations, but that is not what you are looking for in Magnum’s music as Clarkin and Catley stay 100% true to their oh so recognisable sound. Magnum’s music is true timeless rock/pop music, featuring mighty choruses, emotional vocals, unique melodic skills, and tasteful instrumental parts, although the lack of real lead guitar might scare off some die-hard Magnum fans.


‘Here Comes The Rain’ – a very appropriate title nowadays by the way – opens with the pomp rock track ,,Run Into The Shadows” and it is one of the highlights of this album, classic Magnum rock music with of course outstanding vocals from Bob Catley. ,,Some Kind Of Treachery”, a song that stayed in my head for a couple of days, is a future Magnum live anthem for sure, while the first single of the album ,,Blue Tango” is a kind of rock and roll song that makes you want to move your feet! ,,The Day He Lied”, is my favourite song of the album, an epic highlight, second to none, as I listen to this track repeatedly, as it is addictive melodic, and Catley’s vocals are again superb here.

The second single ,,The Seventh Darkness” features Chris BeeBe Aldridge on saxophone and Nick Dewhurst on trumpet and for me this is the “odd one out”, but follow ups ,,Broken City” (an emotional ballad), ,,I Wanna Live” and ,,Borderline” (another classic Magnum song), are again extraordinarily strong typical Magnum songs.


So, Magnum’s 23rd studio album is a must for all Magnum fans but also for listeners who like more than excellent melodic hard rock/AOR music. And of course, play it LOUD!!!

Release date: 12 January 2024


Shortly after the review was submitted news broke that Magnum guitarist and only songwriter for all 23(!) studio albums in 52 (!) years Tony Clarkin had passed away on January 7th, 2024 after a short illness at the age of 77.

His legacy is huge but that wasn’t that important to him. In a very recent interview HBLS’s Ron Willemsen did with him on the occasion of the album ‘Here Comes The Rain’, he was asked how he wanted to be remembered, how he wanted Magnum to be remembered. His answer was simple and modest: he made music because he loved doing it and if people liked what he did that was a bonus.  

Thank you for the music and rest in peace, Tony.



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