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With ‘Live Blood’ Tygers Of Pan Tang gives us a brand new live album at the end of April ’24. Of course, this band has its roots deep in the 80s as part of the NWOBHM movement. Especially their first 3 albums ‘Wild Cat’, ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Crazy Nights’ are must have classics for many. After a lull in the heady 90s, this ‘Tyger’ was revived at the turn of the century by guitarist Robb Weir. With the latest feat being the ‘Bloodlines’ album released in 2023.


In recent years, the band has been releasing a few new albums, which please fans of the genre just fine. But especially their live reputation is more than average. A live concert by Tygers Of Pan Tang is a guarantee of a quality evening of music. Their performances are always dynamic and effective. It is therefore only logical to capture this live vibe.

The set list of ‘Live Blood’ is a nice mix of old and new material, with no less than 19 tracks on the vinyl version. Therefore, the album is definitely interesting for people who have yet to discover the band or for people who want a kind of best of Tygers Of Pan Tang compilation.


The concert was recorded in 2023 at The Patriot, a venue in Wales [UK]. The production is fine to say the least. The musicians are sharp and on top form. The two newcomers Francesco Marras (guitar) and Huw Holding (bass) are perfectly integrated. Craig Ellis on drums is efficient. No one will be surprised that Robb Weir has his act together. And Jacopo Meille sings as if his life depended on it.

The band’s old songs blend well with the new ones. ,,Edge Of The World’’, the melodic ,,Destiny’’ and ,,Only The Brave’’ are played beautifully. Of course, nostalgic fans will get a kick out of the band’s classics. And these are then with a mere 9 to 10 songs including, among others, ,,Gangland’’ [Surely I’m not the only one who hears the resemblance to Mötley Crüe’s ,,Live Wire’’ here?],,,Insanity’’, ,,Do It Good’’ also more than well represented on this album.

In short, does this album add anything to this band’s already extensive catalog? Yes, especially if you want a taste of what to expect from this Tygers Of Pan Tang. It has become a nice compilation of old and new work.


It seems like bands that have their origins in NWOBHM have eternal life. Because this band is still alive and kicking. They may not play in the big halls and/or arenas like their big brothers Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden, but Tygers Of Pan Tang can really compete with them.

A fine quality album.

Release date: 26 April 2024



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