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On their sixth album ‘Wake Up The Neighbourhood’ the English hard rockers of The Treatment have clearly raised their own bar once again. It is something they seem to do with every release. Ever since current singer Tom Rampton entered the scene on the albums ‘Power Crazy’ and ‘Waiting For Good Luck’ The Treatment with their musical mentor Laurie Mansworth (the father of The Treatment drummer Dhani Mansworth) keep stepping up to the plate with ‘Wake Up The Neighbourhood’ as their latest sign of life.


Listening to the songs I can say that The Treatment is making progress as they go along. This album is based on energy and power. The driving force of Dhani Mansworth and bass player Andy Milburn lays down a foundation from which the guitarists Tagore and Tao Grey bombard you with cool riffs and splashing solos always keeping the melody closely in sight. Hearing Tom Rampton pumping in his vocals, it is just as if you hear a young Bon Scott belting it out.


If you think these boys are just about making simple or predictable heavy rock and roll you are gravely mistaken. There is more to it. In several songs there is also subtleness and a keen eye for strong arrangements to be discovered. The band and their producer have first and foremost looked at composing good songs with a head and a tail. Sure, they show a high level of energy on tracks such as ,,Man On The Highwire’’ and ,,Wake Up This Town’’.

But with a track such as ,,I Can’t Wait No Longer’’ The Treatment sounds pleasantly different as this song has a different character and set-up. Just a sign of progress of a band that has not stopped growing and progressing even though they have been around for some 15/16 years now. ‘Wake Up The Neighbourhood’ is a bundle of energy, a statement of power and aggression but also with a very melodic and enchanting site to it. For modern day heavy rockers that like their music with a crunch… you know what to do.

Release date: 10 May 2024



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